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学校名称: 加拿大阿尔伯塔大学 University of Alberta







  The university of alberta is one of the five largest comprehensive universities in Canada, with the highest level of scientific research in Canada.The university of alberta is one of only three universities that have participated in 14 excellent research networks (the other two are the university of Toronto and McGill university).In the national university, the university of alberta of royal society membership and the total number of patent application for the technology and technology transfer in the fifth, its research income and total income fund of the fifth in the nation.Uplifting the Whole People,The University of Alberta has had the vision to be one of the world’s great universities for the public good since its inception. This university is dedicated to the promise made by founding president Henry Marshall Tory that “… knowledge shall not be the concern of scholars alone. The uplifting of the whole people shall be its final goal.” This vision endures as the university strives to improve the lives of people in Alberta, across Canada, and around the world.Motto,The university motto, quaecumque vera, means “whatsoever things are true” and is taken from the Epistle of St. Paul to the Philippians, Chapter 4, Verse 8, in the Latin Vulgate version of the Bible.Mission,Within a vibrant and supportive learning environment, the University of Alberta discovers, disseminates, and applies new knowledge through teaching and learning, research and creative activity, community involvement, and partnerships. The U of A gives a national and international voice to innovation in our province, taking a lead role in placing Canada at the global forefront.Vision,To inspire the human spirit through outstanding achievements in learning, discovery, and citizenship in a creative community, building one of the world’s great universities for the public good.Aboriginal Acknowledgement,The University of Alberta acknowledges the traditional territory on which we stand and thanks the diverse Indigenous peoples whose footsteps have marked this territory for centuries, such as Cree, Saulteaux, Blackfoot, Métis and Nakota Sioux.

  阿尔伯塔大学是世界五大的综合性大学之一,在加拿大科学研究的的水平处于最高水平。阿尔伯塔大学是一个只有三所高校参加的优秀的研究网络(其他两个分别是多伦多大学和麦克吉尔大学)、国立大学、英国皇家学会会员和为技术在第五个技术转让专利申请总数的大学之一,研究收入和总收入基金由国家承担。提升人的整体素质:自从成立以来,阿尔伯塔大学的愿景是成为世界上伟大的公益大学之一。这所大学致力于创始总统亨利·马歇尔·托里(Henry Marshall Tory)所作的承诺:“知识不仅仅是学者的关注。全民的振兴将是其最终目标。“ 随着大学努力改善阿尔伯塔省、加拿大和世界各地的人们的生活,这一愿景得到了持续。座右铭:大学座右铭,意思是“无论什么事情都是真实的”,并被从圣保罗的书信中汲取到梵文,第4章第8节,取自拉丁语Vulgate版本的圣经。任务:在充满活力和支持性的学习环境中,阿尔伯塔大学通过教学和学习,研究和创意活动,社区参与和合作伙伴关系发现,传播和应用新知识。A的U给我省的国家和国际声音创新,在加拿大处于全球前列,发挥主导作用。远见:通过在创意社区中学习,挖掘和公民的杰出成就,激发人类精神,建设世界上伟大的公立大学之一。阿尔伯塔大学承认我们所持有的传统领土,并感谢多个世纪以来脚踏实地标志着这个领土的多样化本土人民如克里、索尔多、黑脚、梅蒂斯和纳科塔苏族。



  UAlberta researchers overcome oral vaccine obstacle

  New drug delivery system could be used as a platform for wide variety of vaccines.UAlberta researchers have taken a major step towards uncovering the holy grail of vaccination delivery.For years, researchers have been trying to develop vaccines that can be taken in the form of a pill or lozenge to eliminate the use of needles, while significantly reducing cost and the need for refrigeration.One of the challenges in creating an oral vaccine has been the instability of vaccines in the acidic environment of the stomach, which means an inability to deliver viruses or drugs where they are most effective—in the intestine, explained Hyo-Jick Choi, a professor in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering.The researchers developed a way to carry vaccines in small, FDA-approved polymer casings built to endure the hostile environment of the stomach. The capsules have a single pore on their surface that stays closed in acidic pH environments.“This means that encapsulated drugs and vaccines would be protected in the acidic stomach environment and would be released in the targeted area of the small intestine that is rich in immune cells,” said Choi, who, along with Carlo Montemagno, director of the Ingenuity Lab, demonstrated a solution to both challenges.Targeting vaccines to this region ensures the body’s immune system is able to quickly learn to recognize and attack viruses, he addedOral vaccines also provide an extra layer of protection, he said, by activating a mucosal response as well as teaching the body to create antibodies to fight a specific infection.The U of A team took its research a step further and successfully used the model to deliver a common drug used to treat lactose intolerance.“The amazing aspects of our oral drug delivery system is it allows for the encapsulation of diverse therapeutic ingredients such as genes, proteins, macromolecular drugs and nearly all types of vaccine,” said Ankit Kumar, a researcher on Choi’s research team. “That means our system can be universally used as a platform for drugs and vaccnes focused on oral administration.”Once fully developed, this technology has the potential to also be used to solve animal health and animal-food safety issues.Ongoing research efforts are focused on optimizing the vaccine/drug-specific formulations to ensure long-term stability, scaled-up production of the microparticles, development of animal drugs/vaccines and in vivo demonstration of these delivery systems.The research was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Alberta Innovates – Technology Solutions, the iNgenuity Lab and the University of Alberta.


  新的药物输送系统可用作各种疫苗的平台。阿尔伯塔大学的研究人员已经迈出了重要的一步,以揭开疫苗接种的圣杯。多年来,研究人员一直在努力开发可以采取丸剂或锭剂形式的疫苗,以消除使用针头,同时显着降低成本和制冷需求。创建口服疫苗的挑战之一是疫苗在胃酸性环境中的不稳定性,这意味着无法在肠道中传播最有效的病毒或药物,呃教授说在化学和材料工程系。研究人员开发了一种在FDA批准的小型聚合物壳体中携带疫苗的方法,以建立其耐受胃的敌对环境。胶囊在其表面上具有单个孔,在酸性pH环境中保持闭合。“这意味着胶囊化的药物和疫苗将在酸性胃部环境中得到保护,并将被释放到富含免疫细胞的小肠的目标区域。”蔡先生与Carlo Montemagno,Ingenuity主任实验室,为两个挑战展示了解决方案。他补充说,针对该地区的疫苗确保身体的免疫系统能够快速学习识别和攻击病毒。他说,口服疫苗还可以提供额外的保护层,通过激活粘膜反应以及教导身体产生抵抗特定感染的抗体。A团队的U进一步研究进一步,并成功地使用该模型提供用于治疗乳糖不耐症的常见药物。Choi研究团队的研究员Ankit Kumar说:“我们的口服药物输送系统的惊人方面是允许包装各种治疗成分如基因、蛋白质、大分子药物和几乎所有类型的疫苗。“这意味着我们的系统可以普遍用作专注于口服管理的药物和疫苗的平台。”一旦发展完善,该技术有潜力也可用于解决动物健康和动物食品安全问题。正在进行的研究工作集中在优化疫苗/药物特异性制剂,以确保长期稳定性,微粒的扩大生产,动物药物/疫苗的开发和 这些递送系统的体内 演示。研究由Bill和Melinda Gates基金会,阿尔伯塔创新技术解决方案,由iNgenuity实验室和阿尔伯塔大学资助。

  Researchers uncover two new promising gene therapies to treat muscular dystrophy

  UAlberta scientists are charting new territory in treating the incurable illness.University of Alberta researchers have made two new discoveries in Duchenne, the most common form of muscular dystrophy, a genetic disorder found primarily in males that is characterized by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness.“We’ve found one possible way to repair gene malfunction in Duchenne that’s significantly more effective than the most recently approved FDA drug,” said U of A medical genetics professor Toshifumi Yokota. “We’ve also found a new way that may prevent heart failure in Duchenne patients, a leading cause of death in MD patients.”Duchenne is the most common of nine major types of muscular dystrophy (MD), and one of the most severe forms among children. It is caused by an absence of dystrophin, a protein that helps keep muscle cells intact.Yokota said his team has been working with small DNA-like molecules called antisense oligonucleotides (AOs) that work like a stitch to remove the section of DNA products (or RNA) that’s disrupting the code for protein production.In one study published in Molecular Therapy, the software the team developed sped up the process of identifying the best candidate for removal of the gene mutation that causes the disease.“The dystrophin gene is our largest gene with 79 genetic elements (exons) coding for around 60 amino acids each,” said Yokota. “The computer was able to predict the best location to target by AOs in a much quicker and cost-efficient way.”The team then tested the AOs developed to remove the gene mutation in animal models and in human cells in the laboratory. They found the approach was up to 12 times more effective at removing and repairing the affected genes than the most recently approved drug treatment on the market.In their second study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the team used another DNA-like molecule, phosphorodiamidate morpholino oligomers tagged with heart-targeting molecules, to skip the genetic elements (exons) known to disrupt protein production in the heart muscle.“Cardiomyopathy is a leading cause of death in MD. Our approach rescued the heart muscle in animal models,” explained Yokota. “Our next goals are to translate these findings into therapeutics, leading to clinical trials with MD patients.”


  阿尔伯塔大学科学家正在绘制治疗不治之症的新领域。阿尔伯塔大学的研究人员在杜钦大学(Duchenne)发表了两项新发现,这是最常见的肌营养不良症状,主要发生于男性,其特征在于进行性肌肉退化和虚弱的遗传性疾病。医学遗传学教授Toshifumi Yokota表示:“我们已经找到了一种可能的方式来修复杜兴鼻基因故障,这比最近批准的FDA药物显着更有效 。“我们还发现了一种可以预防杜氏患者心脏衰竭的新方法,这是MD患者死亡的主要原因。”杜氏是九种主要类型的肌营养不良症(MD)中最常见的,也是儿童最严重的形式之一。这是由于缺乏 肌营养不良蛋白,一种有助于保持肌肉细胞完整的蛋白质。横田横田说,他的团队一直在使用称为反义寡核苷酸(AO)的小DNA样分子,它们像针脚一样,去除了破坏蛋白质生产代码的DNA产物(或RNA)部分。在分子疗法发表的一项研究中 ,该团队开发的软件加快了识别导致该疾病的基因突变的最佳候选者的过程。Yokota说:“肌营养不良蛋白基因是我们最大的基因,其中包含79个遗传元件(外显子),每个编码约60个氨基酸。“计算机能够以更快速,更具成本效益的方式预测AO定位的最佳位置。”然后,该团队测试了在实验室中动物模型和人类细胞中基因突变发生的AOs。他们发现,与市场上最近批准的药物治疗相比,该方法在去除和修复受影响的基因方面高达12倍。在他们的研究中,发表在 的国家科学院学报,小组使用另一种DNA样分子,磷酰二胺吗啉代寡聚具有标记心脏靶向分子,跳过的遗传元件已知破坏蛋白质产生在心脏(外显子)肌肉。“心肌病是MD的主要死亡原因。Yokota解释说,我们的方法在动物模型中救出了心脏肌肉。“我们的下一个目标是将这些发现转化为治疗学,导致MD患者的临床试验。”

  New equipment maps brain activity and blood flow in state-of-the-art neuroscience lab

  Neuroscientist Kyle Mathewson is pictured here wearing the new optical imaging equipment, called Imagent.Using lasers and photodetectors, a new optical brain-imaging tool is providing a never-before-seen look inside your head. The non-invasive tool projects and measures infrared light as it is projected into the brain and the rate at which it exits, painting a picture of brain activity and blood flow at the same time—something that is impossible without this technology.The optical brain-imaging tool, called the Imagent, comes to the University of Alberta as the result of new funding for neuroscientist Kyle Mathewson, from the John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF), a Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) initiative.On August 15, Mathewson received funding to purchase this state-of-the-art optimal imaging tool, which allows researchers to accurately measure detailed brain activity in a non-invasive way. The equipment will be housed in a new Shared Cognitive Neuroscience lab in the Faculty of Science.“This optical imaging system provides images of rapid changes in brain activity, solving many unanswered questions about how our brains function from moment to moment,” explained Mathewson. “The system is genuinely cutting edge. Our lab at the University of Alberta will have one of only a few in the world and first of its kind in Canada.”Invaluable implications,An assistant professor in the Department of Psychology in the Faculty of Science at the University of Alberta and Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute affiliate, Mathewson studies how the brain focuses on and filters out different information. His research has implications from job training and professional development to creating smarter artificial intelligence.“We want to measure a person’s state of attention from moment to moment,” said Mathewson. “For instance, we could pinpoint the moment when a driver stops paying attention to the road, or determine practices to help students learn better and more efficiently. This tool will allow us unprecedented views of the brain networks that give rise to these and other important behaviours.”The implications, Mathewson explained, are huge.“This optical imaging system helps to put the UAlberta cognitive neuroscience program even more firmly on the map,” said Mathewson. “Securing this tool widens the scope of potential research and is already attracting interest from students and scientists around the world.”At the grant announcement last week, the Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science shared a similar sentiment.“Our scientists need the best tools and equipment for ground-breaking research and discovery and we are committed to ensuring they have them. Their successes will lead to an improved economy and will fuel an active research community here in Canada and internationally.”


  神经科学家凯尔·马修森(Kyle Mathewson)在这里穿着新的光学成像设备,称为Imagent。使用激光和光电探测器,一种新的光学脑成像工具正在为您提供头脑前所未有的外观。非侵入性工具投射并测量红外光,因为它投射到大脑中,它的出射速率,在同一时间绘制大脑活动和血液流动的图片 - 这是没有这种技术是不可能的。来自加拿大创新基金会(CFI)计划的约翰·伊万斯领导基金会(JELF)的神经科学家凯尔·马修森(Kyle Mathewson)的新资金来源,被称为Imagent的光学脑成像工具来到阿尔伯塔省大学。8月15日,马修森获得资金购买这种最先进的最佳成像工具,使研究人员能够以非侵入性的方式准确测量详细的大脑活动。该设备将安置在科学院的一个新的共享认知神经科学实验室。马修森说:“这种光学成像系统提供了大脑活动快速变化的图像,解决了许多关于我们大脑如何发挥功能的未回答的问题。“系统是真正的尖端。我们在阿尔伯塔大学的实验室将拥有世界上仅有的几个,加拿大首屈一指。“无价的影响,马萨诸塞大学阿尔伯塔省大学科学院心理学系助理教授,神经科学与心理健康研究所附属机构,研究大脑如何关注和过滤掉不同的信息。他的研究具有从职业培训和专业发展到创造更聪明的人工智能的意义。马修森说:“我们想要时时衡量一个人的注意力。“例如,我们可以确定司机停止注意道路的时刻,或者确定做法来帮助学生更好,更有效地学习。这个工具将使我们能够引起大脑网络前所未有的观点,产生这些和其他重要的行为。“马修森解释说,这个含义是巨大的。“这种光学成像系统有助于将阿尔伯塔大学认知神经科学计划更加牢固地放在地图上,”Mathewson说。“保护这一工具拓宽了潜在研究的范围,已经吸引了世界各地学生和科学家的兴趣。”科学技术部长科恩在上周的赠款公告中也有类似的看法。“我们的科学家需要最好的工具和设备进行突破性的研究和发现,我们致力于确保他们拥有它们。他们的成功将会使经济改善,并鼓励加拿大和国际上积极的研究界继续发展。“




  The facilities at the university of alberta are very sophisticated.Main campus covers an area of 89 hectares, and 5000 hectares of land for scientific research, outside the vast campus contains 400 scientific research laboratory, including above the most powerful laser laboratory and in the forefront of scanning electron microscopy laboratory, two sets of NMR facility and some agricultural research site.The university library is the second largest scientific research library in Canada, with its per capita book ownership ranking first.At the same time, its Timms art center has the latest and best drama teaching facilities in China, and the sports and entertainment center has both outdoor and indoor entertainment facilities.The university of alberta is also known for its sports, especially the volleyball team and the ice team, which can often win national awards.In each campus, there are 8 students' dormitories, which provide accommodation for more than 4,000 students.The student apartment is divided into four areas: Lister Center, Hub, International House, st. Jean.St. Jean, a dedicated dormitory for French, is not in the school district.The Hub is connected to the shopping mall and is a convenient and comfortable place to live.In addition, the school has more than 80 student service programs, including health care, academic research, personal financial assistance and employment assistance.In terms of extra-curricular activities, the university has more than 450 student clubs and associations, 21 different professional sports teams, and more than 500 campus sports activities.The teaching characteristics of The university provides a good academic atmosphere for students, and 23 teachers at the university of alberta, the most prestigious university in Canada, have received the award.The undergraduate stage of the school is mainly taught in small classes, which is not widely seen in Canada.



  阿尔伯塔大学拥有26万在世的校友,其中93%居住在加拿大,4%住在美国,3%在其他国家。该校拥有71位罗德奖学金获得者,60位加拿大勋章获得者(Order of Canaa),141位加拿大皇家学会(Royal Society of Canada)会士[11] ,111位加拿大首席研究教授(Canada Research Chair),该教授数量位居加拿大第五(前四位分别是多伦多大学,不列颠哥伦毕业大学,麦吉尔大学和蒙特利尔大学)[12] ,3位加拿大卓越首席研究教授(Canada Excellence Research Chair),全加拿大仅27位教授拥有此头衔,该校拥有此头衔的教授数量位居加拿大第二(仅次于拉瓦尔大学) 。其他知名校友包括:


  里查德·泰勒(Richard E. Taylor),1990年诺贝尔物理学奖得主。

  雷蒙德·乐米厄(Raymond Lemieux),首次合成蔗糖,1992年爱因斯坦科学奖得主。

  鲁斯兰·克雷奇特尼科夫(Rouslan Krechetnikov),2012年搞笑诺贝尔流体力学奖(Ig Nobel Prizes)获得者。

  麦德华(Tak Wah Mak),T细胞受体发现者。

  路德维希·冯·贝塔朗菲(Ludwig Von Bertalanffy),一般系统论创立者。

  米歇尔·霍顿(Michael Houghton),C型肝炎发现者。

  厄莱扎比(Abdulhakem Elezzabi),纳米技术自旋等离子体发明者。

  罗伯特·波义耳(Robert Boyle),声呐发明者。

  罗伯特·穆迪(Robert Moody),卡茨-穆迪代数(Kac-Moody algebra)联合发明者。

  马克斯·范梅南(Max van Manen),现象学教育学创立者。

  J.P. 达斯(Jagannath Prasad Das),国际著名教育心理学,智力和儿童发展研究专家。提出PASS智力结构理论以及Das-Naglieri认知评估系统。加拿大勋章得主。

  沃纳·伊斯雷尔(Werner Israel),黑洞理论研究领袖之一。

  雅各·马斯里亚(Jacob Masliyah),油砂工程专家,加拿大勋章获得者,美国国家工程院外籍院士。

  约翰·麦凯克伦(John MacEachran),加拿大心理学会联合创始人。实验心理学之父威廉·冯特的博士生。

  约瑟夫·罗伊斯(Joseph R. Royce),与路德维希·冯·贝塔朗菲一同创立理论心理学高级研究中心(the Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical Psychology)。

  里奥·摩斯(Leendert (Leo) Pieter Mos),国际理论心理学会创始会员(1989-1991)及主席(2003-2005).

  亚当·莫顿(Adam Morton),亚里士多德学会主席(1998-1999)。

  多米尼克·爱波瑞克斯(Dominique Abrioux),阿萨巴斯卡大学校长(1995-2005)。

  约瑟夫·马丁(Joseph B. Martin),哈佛医学院院长(1997-2007)。

  华莱士·斯特林(Wallace Sterling),斯坦福大学校长(1949-1968)。



  约翰·贝尔爵士(Sir John Bell),钦定牛津大学医学教授(Regius Professor of Medicine (Oxford))。

  范弗拉森(Bas van Fraassen),普林斯顿大学哲学教授。

  莫树锦(Mok Shu Kam Tony),国际肺癌协会(IASLC)主席(2013-2015)[。

  蒲立本(Edwin George Pulleyblank),加拿大皇家学会会员,剑桥大学汉语教授。

  李章哲(Charles Lee),哈佛大学癌症中心细胞遗传学主任,国际千人基因组计划主席团成员。

  詹姆士·克里普(James Collip),胰岛素发现团队核心人物之一。麦吉尔大学生化系主任(1928-1941),西安大略大学医学院院长(1947-1961)。

  詹姆士·夏皮罗(James Shapiro),领导创建治疗1型糖尿病的“埃德蒙顿协议”(Edmonton Protocol)。

  珍妮诗·斯坦(Janice Stein),国际关系专家,多伦多大学蒙克全球事务学院(Munk School of Global Affairs)创立者。

  范弗拉森(Bas van Fraassen),“建构经验论”提出者。科学哲学家,旧金山州立大学杰出教授,普林斯顿大学哲学教授。

  大卫·席尔瓦 (David Silver)和黄士杰(Aja Huang),谷歌DeepMind公司阿尔法围棋(Alpha Go)项目主程序员。前者为该校博士毕业生,后者曾为该校博士后。









  达里尔·卡茨(Daryl Katz),卡茨集团(在加拿大和美国拥有1800家药店)主席,埃德蒙顿油人队老板,亿万富翁。



  伯纳德·埃博思(Bernard Ebbers),美国世界通信公司前CEO。

  格里格·扎斯奇科(Greg Zeschuk)和雷·苗思凯(Ray Muzyka),著名游戏开发公司BioWare创始人。

  丹尼斯·麦康纳及(Dennis McConaghy),北美能源巨头横加公司(TransCanada Corporation)副总裁。

  罗恩·萨瑟恩(Ron Southern),加拿大大型控股公司ATCO集团创始人。

  阿兰·马金(Allan Markin),前加拿大自然资源公司(Canadian Natural Resources Limited,CNRL)主席。


  马尔科姆·福赛斯(Malcolm Forsyth),三届朱诺奖“古典乐作曲奖”得主,加拿大勋章得主。

  克拉伦斯·坎贝尔(Clarence Campbell),国家冰球联盟主席(1946-1977)。

  罗伯特·丝德沃德(Robert Steadward),国际残奥会创办主席(1989-2001)。

  威廉·索塞尔(William Thorsell),加拿大最大报纸《环球邮报》前主编。

  保罗·格罗斯(Paul Gross),演员。

  内森·菲利安(Nathan Fillion),演员。

  泰德·科迪(Ted Corday),电视剧《光辉岁月》(Days of our Lives)导演。










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