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  Father’s Day, contrary to popular misconception, was not established as a holiday in order to help greeting card manufacturers sell more cards. In fact when a “father’s day” was first proposed there were no Father’s Day cards!


  Mrs. John B Dodd, of Washington, first proposed the idea of a “father’s day” in 1909. Mrs. Dodd wanted a special day to honor her father William, whose wife died while giving birth to their sixth child. Mr. Smart was left to raise the newborn ;and his other five children by himself on a rural farm in eastern Washington state. It was after Mrs. Dodd became an adult that she realized the strength and selflessness her father had shown in raising his children as a single parent.


  The first Father’s Day was observed on June 19,1910 in Washington. And it was in 1966 that President Lyndon Johnson officially declared the 3rd Sunday of June as Father’s Day.


  Father’s Day has become a day to not only honor your father, but all men who act as a father figure. Stepfathers, uncles, grandfathers, and adult male friends are all honored on Father’s Day.


  父亲节简介 Brief Introduction to Father’s Day

  This is a day with a relatively short history in America and was established after it became obvious there were a Mother’s Day, but no day for father. Like Motehr’s Day, this day is celebrated on a Sunday and is highly in commercial. Stores offer sales, special greeting cards are sold and the emphasis is on buy, buy and buy. Most children buy standard gifts for their father, whom they call dad, pop, pa, daddy, or papa. Unlike mother who can get a

  n assortment of gifts, father gets things like socks, neckties, underwear, and belts. The greeting card, however, has special significance because of the nature of how men are reared in the USA. It is not easy for men to show emotions, and for sons to express love.

  Therefore, this is the one time in the year when a son can express feelings like love, admiration, respect and esteem to his father through a greeting card. Even though fathers are important in society; the celebration of Father’s Day is dwarfed by Mother’s Day. Much less attention is paid to this day because westerners, in general, view the role of mother as more important than that of father. it is changing in the United States, though, as more books and TV shows depict the role of a strong, yet sensitive, father able to successfully communicate with his children and wife.




  Father's day, send blessings, let father, good health, Xiaokou open, send a greeting, I wish my father, companion is safe, with luck, texting, mind, good father, I love you, hope you happy in, happy.


  Father, home of the day, a pillar of the home, father, peace, security, let father safe and healthy every day, happy forever, your health is me, the highest hope, father's day happy.


  Father's Day is coming and messages to be sent, would like to send peace, health as partners, physical health; to give happiness, happy life, happy and lucky; to send auspicious, good luck forever with and have a happy life; Zhu father every day happy.


  To the growth of the children, your spine is no longer so tall and straight; because of the pressure of life, your forehead covered with white hair; you are a tree, shelter for the family, father's Day is coming, dear father, please you can rest! I wish you a happy holiday!


  Send you a cup of longevity wine, healthy and happy long; send you a worry free smoke, happy forever; send you a warm clothing, fit Hexin warm. Dad, I wish you a happy father's day.. Father's Day Blessing SMS


  Father's education is like a lamp, I illuminate the future for me, my father's care is like an umbrella, for me to cover the wind and rain. Father, silent father, you are a mountain behind me, I will never rely on. Father's day, I wish you a happy holiday!


  You are bitter, but generally swallow in the stomach; you also tired, but keep in mind; you are such a wordless, interpretation of the meaning "father silent"; father's day, say: "Dad, you work hard, kids always love you!"




  Past times


  In that I wore pigtails. When you sing the age all right. Your eyes are transparent. Would you like to accompany me to walk, give me stiff jokes, singing self lullaby to coax me to sleep.


  Your sign is the thumb, although not great, but it is a sign that you have given me courage.. Then I of the night have a sense of fear, so whenever you shut the light in my room, I was trotting went to your house you every night left the door open, and I'm lying on the bed, you a thumbs up, I carefully and sense of pride to firmly hold it live. Later he fell asleep. Dream dad squinted to smile ha ha, with thick black eyebrows have a pair of bright eyes, this is like when lying in my side of you.


  Now in my keep fresh hair, reading all day today, your eyes are black, you no longer have to accompany me empty, no longer always in every home first smiled and said "I'm back!", the same, I will no longer be the jumping a flutter to you shout dad ignorant girl.


  I think, what time has brought us, in addition to age, appearance, experience and other objective changes, I am afraid there is a subjective change from the heart, the distance between people and heart. As you become stern the all day, frowning, units of various types of phone calls, I also became a bit of your fear, become silent, the distance between us are becoming bigger and bigger. Although you have always tried not to bring the company inside the discomfort,

  but you will always make the home becomes very depressed. I do not understand, what makes us can not go back to the past, your black muddy eyes, I can not see through the eyes, it is hidden answer it.


  Sometimes I will quietly looking at you, in you don't know the sleeping at night, I saw your corner of the eye wrinkles, in the light of blue moonlight shining, it is like a flowing stream, from the side of your eye flow there, and I have seen your white hair, a root shining silvery white light, like one straight sentinel, plate board precisely on the lighthouse sentry. I understand your hard work and also understand your efforts, you want to become a warm sun Guardian family, but can not take into account the night, that so, my father, I would like to become jealously guarding the night of the bright moon, courage to help you break up the chaos of the night.


  It is said that father like tea, gentle and deep rhyme; also said that the father is like a fire cruel and gorgeous; and I feel the fatherly love is more like a cup of coffee, bitter and mellow. I believe you, I will be on the spur of the accelerator on the road in front of me, so I quickly rushed to the target.


  The future


  I don't know is the future, it is like a group of mixed together nebula, mysterious and fantasy.


  But I hope the future of your eyes are white, and I hope that this pair of white eyes can be tender to accept all the beautiful color. It can be inclusive, such as green; it can be kind, like pink; it can be warm like red; of course, it can also sad, such as blue.


  I want you to when you are smiling every day, every day do you want to be light of heart from care, do.


  Father, your eyes, it contains too many images. Sometimes it is like the rising sun, vigorous and powerful; sometimes like a mite Baiyun, bright and gentle; sometimes like a vast sky, deep and broad; sometimes it is like a gray cloud, sadness, but spectacular! O my father! Although I have ever said, I'm going to loudly tell you, I deeply love you. No matter how the eyes of your color changing, you will always be my heart that can accompany I run to get covered with mud, a good father!




  Today, it is father's day.. In the third Sunday in June, suddenly feel that there are too many words to say with his father, but I do not know how to say. Perhaps you have tried in this special day, pick up the phone to with home father said on one or two words of blessing words, can hear the microphone to the father that consistently commanding voice, you finally failed to heart the words deep already a long time of words. Well, love to use another way to express your love, let your gift tell your father, how much you love him!


  Send a beautiful to his father


  Don't think that the word beautiful is the patent of women, from your father often buy home bright hair lotions, mousse and other items you should be able to deeply understand the truth of this sentence: beauty is everyone's nature. So, in father's day such a special festival, send a beautiful gift to your father, is absolutely natural.


  In the liberation of Haikou road and the road shopping street, T-Shirts, shirts, all kinds of brand underwear everywhere. There are so a two also played a special for father's day of the signs, buy 200 to send 100, or simply hit thirty percent off to sell, the time of these activities are mostly only three days, to 16 days. In most men's lepusheng, men's shoes, playing 30 percent off sold, this series of activities are really attractive. But the spirit of his father sent the beautiful principle you don't get the "preferential" fascinated eyes, at best, only can provides us with a comparison sample fills gave Dad a gift must not be vague oh.


  In the television Ms. mu, in the choice of clothing that has always been more insightful, she said, this summer popular pale blue, pale Beige coat pants is to leisure for the mainstream. The father gave his clothes, the arbitrary choice of the above two kinds of color, but cloth to be elected lycra and cotton is better, to be breathable fabric is preferred, clothing, work fine, the time of purchase must be carefully selected. In addition to the clothes, you can also buy a automatic razor or a hair dryer to Dad. Such as these you can themselves "go it alone", finished buy directly sent to Dad, but if you want to send shoes to the father, the best together with him to go shopping to try to buy, otherwise it may will get twice the result with half the effort.


  Send a health to his father.


  In Innovation book city reporter saw, healthcare counters on books about health care of the aged look has been depleted, a woman picked a few of the get up and put in the basket, then carefully on the shelf to look into. She chose the elderly self-care and health care and question, the elderly mental and mental health guide, the diagnosis and treatment of the elderly common disease and other health care books for the elderly. Reporters approached her to ask, she said: father's Day is coming, this is my gift to my father, I hope that through these books, can bring some of the elderly health care knowledge. I don't think it's more useful for the elderly to send anything, and I hope that these health books will help to help my father.."


  In addition to give father health books, with father glasses shop check vision, for his father with a pair of presbyopic glasses has become a way of father's day for children to honor the father. In the liberation of West "refinement" glasses shop, salesman told reporters that presbyopic glasses have definite degree now sell, measured in sight after we do. Now selling price of dozens to several hundred dollars, is now a little expensive, and so on half an hour to get glasses. But because of the vision of the elderly were tested after suit the remedy to the case of special configuration, so the effect to much better than now sell, on the old man's eye health is more secure. Father's Day approaches, the salesman said currently store no for activities held on father's day, but these two days to configuration presbyopic glasses is indeed smaller than before, more.


  Send warmth to his father


  Send a beautiful, send the health, we can also what gifts to give to his father? Send copies of your warmth! At first glance feel the "warmth" too difficult to fathom the point, but don't worry, in fact, your warmth to embodied in the life of the subtle revealed small details. Specifically, it can be a small gift, you can accompany him to go shopping street shopping, or just a few words of praise to him.



  Man a bottle of perfume, with grass smelling Cologne should men permanent symbol of the brand, to buy a home, to spray on the father. Then, warm praise him: "good taste Oh!" the serious father will steal joy. The tie is only coordinated with the clothing phase to show its unique taste.. If you give father bought a pale blue coat, you can give father bought a blue light twill tie; if you buy to the father is light beige coat, you can give him a gray with yellow dots tie. As for the socks, black, white, and blue is essential for color, you can choose some coffee, gray with three-dimensional geometric patterns of socks can also give him buy a group of men's Nylon modelling is simple socks to his father. As long as you put the "grade" small things on the father's closet, with him how to match, remember father's day the day no matter he conceived how unique, as long as the dress but also out of the house, you have to praise him "taste", the father would have happy flowering.


  A day of visiting time down, feel father's day in Haikou, the atmosphere did not seem to think so warm, compared to mother's day the diffuse Street everywhere carnation flowers of the scene, father's Day is so lonely and dull. And the contrast, in fact, just be a mother and father in life play different roles: the mother is always the wadding told you. And my father never resounding, shuiyibuer. For NE in words, like in the fathers, they never use body language to express their love, they will put the love in our hearts forever. If say, the world's greatest love is it, then, is the world's most deep love. Father, it is true. In the day when the father comes, regardless of what you gave to his father, you must remember to send this sentence to your father: "Dad, hard, I will always love you." Believe it's a precious gift for your father..



  星期天,我在教室里伴着寂寞温习的功课。临街的窗子外飘来了稚嫩的歌声:“哪个爸爸不骂人,哪个孩子不挨打...”这歌声今我想起了我的爸爸,想起了他那大的巴掌。 On Sunday, I accompanied my lonely lessons in the classroom.. Outside the window to the street floated a tender voice: "what Dad do not curse, one of the children not to take a beating..." the song today reminds me of the my dad, I think of his big slap in the face.

  进入初中后,我不再是群星之首。成绩不理想的困扰,学习的紧张枯燥,几个同学的相继辍学...我努力学习的信念开始动摇了。 After entering junior high school, I am no longer the first of the stars. The tension of learning is not the ideal one, the tension and the number of students who drop out of school... And I study hard and I am beginning to shake.. 当爸爸听完我的陈述,他的目光变得异常冷漠:“我整天累死累活地供你上学,你却想不上就不上了...” When the father heard my statement, his eyes become unusually cold: "all day long I sweated blood for you to go to school, but you want to not not..." “这年头,上学咋样,不上学又咋样,别人都...我...” "This year, school Zha kind, not to school and how, others... I..." “是的!就是不许你!这些年的书你白念了,好,跟人家学,你,你就滚回家来混日子吧!”他近乎咆哮了,浑身颤抖着,高高地抡起了巴掌... "Yes! That's not you! These years the books you read, and to learn from others, you, you roll back home to dawdle it!" he almost growled, trembling with fear, high Lun the slap in the face. 此时,我才感到了自己的无知.幼稚.冲动,于是底下头,只等着父亲的巴掌落下来,落在我的身上。 At this point, I felt the ignorance of their own. Childish. So the impulse, then the bottom, waiting for the father's slap down, fell on my body. “啪”父亲的巴掌终于落了下来,茶几上三只茶杯蹦到地上,碎了。 "Pa" father slap finally down on the coffee table, three cups jumped to the ground, broken. “你已经不小了,自己好好想想吧!”父亲满脸怒气而又无奈地转身回屋去了,就在他转身的一刹那,我瞥见他眼角挂着浑浊的老泪。 "You are not small, their good think about it!" father all over the face anger and reluctantly turned and walked back into the house to, is he turned in a moment, I caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of his eye hanging turbidity Laolei. 那一夜,我没有合眼。 That night, I did not sleep a wink. 第二天,天不亮,我就逃命似地收拾起书包准备返销、校。不想碰响地上的脸盆,惊动了那屋的父亲。只听他语气和缓地问:“上哪儿?”“爸,我回去上学。”我底声回答。






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