严厉的爸爸 My Severe Father


  My father is a severe person, since I go to school, he always keeps an eye on my study. He keeps contact with my teacher, so as to get to know my newest situation. Sometimes I feel a lot of pressure, I want to do best all the time. But I know my father loves me, he just wants to cultivate me as the excellent student. I will try my best.


竞争 Competition


  Near my house, there lives a woman who is the same age with my mother. She has a daughter, we are at the same age, the coincidence is that we go to the same school. The woman always comes to my house, she likes to compare her daughter with me. I really hate being compared, I just want to live my own life.


我的错误 My Fault


  Last week, my friend asked me to go to the park with him, I was so happy to say yes. But when that day came, I forgot about our date, I overslept and then stayed at home, watching the TV series. When my friend called me, I suddenly thought of our date, I was so sorry, it is my fault. I must take some action to make up my fault.


给弟弟的礼物 The Gift I Gave to My Brother


  Last night, my brother had his five-year old birthday, I was so excited, because I prepared the gift for him. It was a watch, there was a cartoon character in it. I knew my brother wanted a watch all the time, so I wanted to give him the surprise. When he saw my gift, he was so happy and thanked me. I am so happy that he likes it.


我迷上了电脑游戏 I Fall In Love With Computer Games


  Computer is a part of our lives, so my parents bought me a computer last week. I am so happy, I search the Internet when I finish my homework. But since my friend teaches me how to play the computer games, I fall in love with it, I can’t control myself. My parents tell me the bad effect, I realize I need to behave myself.


我的小小世界 My Little World


  My father made me a little cabin on the tree when I was five years old. I like this cabin so much, it is my little world. I put many toys in it, I decorate this cabin so well. I can do what I want in this little world, sometimes I will ask my friends to come. I have a good time in my little world.


仁慈的妈妈 My Kind Mother


  My mother takes care of me all the time, she is around me when I need help. Unlike my father, who is so severe and busy, my mother is very kind, when I make mistakes, she will not angry, she tells me to take care of these mistakes and should not make them next time. I am so thankful to my mother, she sacrifices so many things for me.


一个伟大的人 A Great Man


  My father is busy all the time, he promises me that once he has the time, he will bring me to the zoo. This week, he finally keeps his promise. I am so happy, I see many animals, the monkeys impress me so much. They are so active and they climb everywhere. My father and I have the good time in the zoo. I also broaden my vision.


我喜欢这节课 I Like This Lesson


  Today, I have the geography class. I am afraid of the geography class, because I have the bad memory and can’t remember the places. But in this class, our teacher does something different, she shows us many pictures and tells us many interesting things about her trips. I listen to her carefully. I like this lesson, it is vivid and I can learn many things about geography.


友谊第一 Friendship Comes First


  Last night, I played football match with my friends. We were divided into two teams and the lose team would get some punishment. At last, my team lost, the score was so close and I felt so pity. My friends from other team came to console me, he said all of us done so well. I know friendship comes first, don’t let the result affect our friendship.