This is an issue that has global ramifications. Here are some ways we can address this problem.

  Firstly, there is a need to expand, to build more roads and bridges to accommodate the growing number of people and cars. There are now fifty times as many cars on the roads as there were in the 1970s. Broadening existing roads into multi-lane overpasses in both the city center and suburbs could help to relieve traffic-related stress in city centers.

  In addition, we should redesign the transportation system. Rapid urbanization demands that we rethink and be innovative. Imagine a system in which real-time information is gathered to move buses, cars and trains with maximum efficiency. Smart tickets count commuters on the subway. Sensors embedded in roads enable live feeds of traffic conditions. This sophisticated monitoring system helps to keep road traffic flowing above ground.





  1. Outline






  Describe what your life would be like if you were banned from using your cell phone for a month.描述一下,如果你被禁止使用手机一个月,你的生活会是怎样的?

  Cell phones have insinuated their way into our lives and are now integral.

  In daily life, cell phones are superb scheduling and communication devices. Without them, we would be total wrecks. Apps like calendars, notes and alarms are respons­ible for re­mind­ing people of im­port­ant dates and events, or wak­ing them up in the morn­ing. FaceTime, email, and other social networking apps help us to stay connected with family and friends.

  However, living without cell phones can also have some benefits. Phones overschedule and over regiment our lives, which robs us of opportunities. This near-universal access to cell phones, starting at ever younger ages, transfixes people in ways that can have negative effects on almost all aspects of life. Without them, we don’t feel compelled to check our phones every minute. We can once again simply live in and enjoy the moment.






  If you had the opportunity to travel to the moon, would you choose to go? Why?如果你有机会去月球旅行,你会选择去嘛?

  I would definitely choose to go to the moon. Nearly four decades have passed since humans last walked on the moon and we've talked about going back ever since.

  Just imagine, if you weighed 100 kg on Earth, you would feel like you only weighed 17 kg when on the moon. You would be able to jump six times further and carry objects six times as heavy. In fact, if you had wings attached to your arms, you could even fly around inside a dome on the moon, just from your muscle power. What a place to visit!

  And one other cool fact. Did you know that there is no wind on the moon? So all your footsteps will stay there forever, unless of course somebody else stands on top of them! It’s like having your foot cast in stone there forever! If you could go there, be sure to take plenty of photographs to show folks back home.









  Some people prefer to give practical gifts while others prefer to give entertaining gifts. Which do you prefer to give and why?有些人喜欢送实用的礼物,而有些人则喜欢送有趣的礼物。你喜欢送哪一种呢?为什么?

  Giving practical gifts can be less troublesome and more memorable.

  One never really knows what the receiver wants to receive. So why not choose something from the list of daily necessities as a gift? Through doing this, you not only limit the time taken choosing a gift, but can also be sure the gift is useful to the receiver.

  Moreover, practical gifts are more valuable because the receiver is likely to use them frequently. Consider the sports shoes I once gave to my boyfriend. Every time he picks them up, he will be reminded of my deep affection for him. For the duration of the gift’s lifespan, our relationship will be improved.






  Giving practical gifts are better 实用的礼物更好 R1: practical gifts are easy to pick out and won't be a waste. 选择实用的礼物很便利,并且肯定有用。 R2: practical gifts are m...





  My college should strive to provide students, faculty and staff with a campus environment that allows them to do their best work. Here are some ways in which this can be achieved.

  Some approaches to improving the campus environment include creating additional food service options, renovating the convenience store, erecting mailboxes for all students, building a package handling area and relocating several student group offices to the main building.

  To be more specific, athletes would benefit from the university trying to augment its facilities by introducing improvements such as artificial turf and lighting to increase the utilization and efficiency of existing facilities.

  Reducing waste from campus dining operations is another important way of improving the campus environment. Disposable bottled water should be entirely banned on campus in favor of reusable water bottles. The use of reusable containers to take food from a dining area should also be encouraged. Offering students a discount if they bring a reusable cup or container is another effective way of shrinking the campus’ carbon footprint.






  Hobbies 喜好

  1. Describe a leisure activity you often do in your spare time. Why you choose to do it in your spare time.

  Include reasons and examples to support your response. ★ [2006.12.3]

  Walking my dog in the park. As we know, in modern society, we‟re living in a very competitive world under great pressure. It is very important for us to keep physically and mentally healthy. Walking your dog can be a good way to release pressure and maintain fitness. And some people also take it as a way of entertainment. The reasons are obvious, the park has a lot of trees and is located by a vast lake, so the air there is much fresher than that in your home. In addition, walking is a kind of exercise so it can help us keep shape and reduce our pressure. Furthermore, our lovely dogs add the fun and joy to our activity and it benefit your dog as well in way of providing your love and accompany.

  When I have time to kill, I usually like to surf the internet. First, because it doesn‟t need too much thinking, all you have to do is to click the mouse, and it is pretty much relaxing. Also, I like anything related to music, I can get anything about music on the internet. Another reason is that I can ...





  Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Teachers should make their lectures fun.


  Well, I agree that teachers should make their lectures fun because as for students, an interesting class will easily attract their attention so that they can focus on the lectures better. I remember when I was in high school, my math teacher was really humorous. Even though I didn’t like math that much, I could always concentrate on what he was talking about and follow his pace, so my math performance became better and better.

  Second, I think teachers will benefit from it too because they can gain some reputation. Just as Professor Lee in my university did, he was so humorous and so famous among students. Every time his lecture was on, students would come all the way to listen to it.


  Well, I agree that teachers should make their lectures fun because as for student students,an interesting class will easily attract their attention so that they can focus on the lectures better. I remember when I was in high school, my math teacher was really humorous. Even though Ididn’t like math that much, I could always concentrate on what he was talking about and could always follow his pace, so my math performance was became better and better.

  Second, I think teachers will benefit from...






  Which class would you join for fun? Art class or science se give your reasons with details.


  Personally, I believe that science class is a better choice for me because I'm just the one who has no passion for anything about art. Most of the time, when others are appreciating a great work of art, I will just count when the class will end. Sometimes, I may even have to drink a lot of coffee before the class to prevent myself from falling asleep during the class. By contrast, in the science class, it is so interesting that I hardly feel bored. The mysterious black hole, the magical universal gravitation, and the undiscovered asteroid, all of these can spark my interest and I am overwhelmed by tons of the secrets of the cosmos.


  Personally, I believe that science class is a better choice for me instead of [than] art class because I am the one who likes doesn’t like/ has no passion for things of art. Inthis way, Most of the time, when the others are appreciating a great aunt art work, I will just count how long will the class end the class will last/ when the class will end. Sometimes, I even may/ may eve...








  Do you agree or disagree with following statement: it is okay for people to use surgery to change their appearance. Please include details and examples in your explanation.






  born with defects, like cleft lip 兔唇

  get disfigured 毁容

  boost confidence 提升自信

  climb up the career ladder(这个表达在what is life really like in Japan中讲过)

  enhance career prospects 提升职业前景





  inner beauty always outweighs the appearance

  get addictive 上瘾

  carry a risk 有风险


  Well, personally, I think it is acceptable for people to undertake plastic surgery based on the following reasons. To begin with, when someone is having a plastic surgeries, the money will be paid to the surgeons and also to those who work in that place, like the janitors, repairmen, cashier and the receptionists. In short, i...

托福口语范文 广告对人们购物的影响





  Some people believe commodities that are popular among consumers reflectthe power of advertisement rather than the real needs of people. Do you agree ordisagree?

  Whether we like it or not, advertisement has been pouring into our dailylife. They are so powerful that some people believe that it is not the needs ofpeople but the power advertisement that makes commodities popular. Personally Idon't agree with this opinion.

  First, let's make clear what the real needs of people are. Real needs canbe divided into two categories: the material satisfaction and spiritualsatisfaction. People tend to regard material satisfaction as real needs andspiritual satisfaction as waste of money and time. This is not true. Somecommodities may not be useful but they can give the owner a kind ofsatisfaction.

  Second, let's make clear the reason why advertisement is powerful. The keyprinciple of advertisers is to grasp the needs of consumers, then pass thepotential consumers the information that their commodities can meet your need.Advertisers can promote the needs of people, exploit the needs or even producethe needs of people. But whatever they do, it will be based on the needs ofpeople.

  But there are some advertisements...