Dear Professor:

  Miss xx requested a letter of reference from me to support her application for graduate studies at your university. As her tutor when she prepared her project design for graduation,I am pleased to comply with her request.

  I became acquainted with Miss xx when I met her beautiful writing on her mathematic assignments and I remembered her name at once. When I taught her, she always sat on the left place behind the classroom, then I asked her why,she answered me that she likes to see all corners of classroom with smiles on her face.

  But I was astonished by her learning ability;she listened to my lesson with her thought,especially when I taught them some emphases and difficulties of the course,she always listened to me earnestly and recorded these difficulties on her note carefully,after class,she came to me and talked about these questions which included some principle of mathematics,I was impressed by her unique views about mathematics which reflected her thought and logic better than other students.

  It was worthy to mention her learning ability on mathematics, for example, I didn’t finish my predication logic lesson because of limit time and just simply mentioned the concept, when I checked students’ assignments and found only she gave me prefect answer with deductive ways and her thought was ver...




  Dear Colleagues:

  As a teacher in Department of Biology, Nankai University, a leading university in China, I am very pleased to take this opportunity to recommend one of my favorite students to your PhD program.

  In September, ××××, Miss × was my students in General Biology, the first professional course they take in the field. She likes it very much. I teach her in an open and interactive manner, she is active and passionate about answering class questions. Miss × is bright, energetic and enthusiastic girl who loves speaking out her own ideas. She never escapes from those points of which she is skeptical. Apart from that, she often puts forward her ideas upon questions and exchanges all of her innovate ideas with me after class.


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  Upon ending of Gene...




  Dear Admissions Committee:

  Among all the students who have received my instruction in the courses of “International Marketing” and “Strategic Management” at ABC University, Mr. John Doe is one of the few who stood out and left with me a positive impression. Therefore, I am confident to recommend this young man to your prestigious MBA program.

  John is a bright and aggressive individual who possesses a strong motivation to learn and excel in his course work. Unlike most of his peers, who gained knowledge merely from school lecturing, John would spend a great amount of efforts and time in reading outside articles and textbooks and share his ideas with the class. In addition, as an open- minded individual who never let go any learning experience, John often came to me discussing various questions and problems he encountered in his coursework.


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  I wo...




  Dear Professor:

  This letter of recommendation is for Caleb, a young man I have had the pleasure of knowing for the last 20 months. As a professor emeritus, I have come in contact with thousands of college and graduate students. However, Mr. Caleb stands out as a very extraordinary one with his research and teaching capability, personality and what is more, his "academic spirit".

  During his graduate study, he worked as my research assistant first, then as a teaching assistant of our department. Usually it is hard for someone to be good at even either one. However, as his adviser, I was pleased to find thatboth works he did was far exceeding what is called good. For example, unlike most other graduate students who are eager to publish essays and thus fear to take pains to make exhaustive investigation for their research, Mr. Caleb made extensive survey for his in the project sponsored by Science and Tech Commission of "Chicago" municipal government.He searched every possible source of information within his reach and affords for related materials. As far as I know, he has been to Beijing to the National Library of China, Science and Tech Information Center, Tsinghua University s Library and most public libraries of "Chicago". He searched both in library and on web, which is a totally new approach to us. Neither was Mr. Caleb satisfied with second-hand information only. Duri...





  Prof. Dr. 0000

  Center for Fluorescence and Spectroscopy

  Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  University of Maryland School of Medicine

  725 West Lombard Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21201,


  (410)706-8409, FAX: (410)706-8408

  Dear Prof. Dr. 0000

  I take great pleasure in writing this letter of recommendation for Dr. 0000 to support his application for a postdoctoral position in your lab. Dr. 000 is an outstanding graduate student working for the M.S. degree under my supervision. In my contact with him in the University, his creativity and attitude to research work gave me deep impression. He always proposed new ideas on his research and could


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  resolve problems by himself, I was very satisfied with him. Dr 000 has been...





From: x x x x


University of Science and Technology

Hefei, Anhui 230026, P.R. China

July 1, 1998

Dear Sir or x x x:

I take great pleasure in recommending Ren Ren, one of my favorite students, for admission into your distinguished graduate program.

Mr. Ren was admitted in 1986 at 14 years of age into the SPECIAL CLASS for the GIFTED YOUTHS, my university s unique program that caters to the intellectual needs of unusually talented Chinese youngsters. It was a rare privilege he earned with his nearly impeccable academic performance through the years of his elementary and secondary school.

He impressed me almost as he entered into my university, a major cradle of china s scientific and technological talents. At the time, members of the Gifted Class all had to spend half a month studying by themselves the principles of calculus and then take an exam so that we could evaluate their self-study capability. Mr. Ren scored the highest grade in that exam. He also exhibited a keenly whetted mind during class discussions. To my regret at the time, his English was not as good as his mathematics or physics. But I noticed he made...



标签: 学校 计划

 编者按:读书计划的内容应包含下列三项资料: 1、申请者的学术或专业兴趣及背景 2、欲研究的方向 3、未来的职业目标 注意... 读书计划的内容应包含下列三项资料:
详读学校的写作说明并了解问题的重点,不赘言,不遗漏,且在要求的字数内完成。例如学校要求五百字内完成(In 500 words or less discuss ...),则全文最好不要超过五百字。如果学校要求以问答方式来 叙述(Responsesto essay questions.....,Please limit your response to one page.),即依其要求回答不长过一页。写作时应清楚明确。例如:
"I am interested in English literature" 这句话表达不够清楚,而I was conce -ntrated on Milton and Shakespeare incollege" 就明白的说出了申请人的志趣及专研的范围。
"I received extensive training in physics" 这句话不够详细,"My training was in the area of particle physics"就具体多了。
"I was very active as a student representative" 最好说明曾经做什麽:主办演讲、沟通学生与校方之意见等。
"I amattracted to your department by its brilliantfaculty--"应说明对於教授的认知是从何而来,如在何处读到某教授之文章而愿受教於他,或某位教授正在从事一项重要研究,与自己欲攻读的研究领域相同等。表达对所申请之系的课程、教师和特性有些了解,依学校之不同而提及某位任教於该校的教授、新课程或该校的某个学位有兴趣。
不要用语意模糊的句子,如 "Your esteemed school---"应代以学校的名字。"I will return to serve my country---"应明确的说出所要从事的到底是什麽工作等。避免用深奥的字汇,尽量以简单容易的字来表达。

范文1: 计算机系毕业生读书计划
When I was a high school boy, my father undertook a task of rearranging a
data processing system with computer equipment for a government office.
Which increasing contact, I decided to be a computer engineer to satisfy



标签: 推荐信 雇主

 编者按: 雇主在聘用新员工时常会要求员工提供推荐信(reference letter)。推荐信主要由雇主撰写,有些雇主则会要求员工自行撰写推荐信供其参... 雇主在聘用新员工时常会要求员工提供推荐信(reference letter)。推荐信主要由雇主撰写,有些雇主则会要求员工自行撰写推荐信供其参考。
范本 :
To Whom It May Concern
It has been a great pleasure for me to work with Ms. Cheng Lok Yiu, who has been a marketing officer with our company between the year 1999 and 2003.
As a marketing officer of our company, Ms. Cheng is responsible for a number of job duties ranging from promoting our company products, exploring and establishing business relationship with potential clients.
Apart from being a good team member, Ms. Cheng also displayed considerable initiative and approached her work thoughtfully and intelligently. Ms. Cheng also impressed me of being able to rise above the call of duty on certain occasions and was more than capable of taking up extra responsibilities.
Your favorable consideration and assistance to Ms. Cheng will be very much appreciated.
Yours faithfully,
Agnes Chow
Marketing Department
Super-smart Corporation...



标签: 推荐信



  Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

  Clarkson University

  Potsdam, NY 13699


  Dear Sir:

  At the request of Mr. Li, a graduate student of mine in the Department of Thermal Engineering, I am very pleased to write this letter of recommendation in support of his application for admission and financial aid for his study in your Department.

  I knew Mr. Li in January 1990, when I was the header of the Thermal Measurement Laboratory. We led a project and needed a research assistant. I contacted with the advisor of his class and wanted to choose an excellent student to take part in it. She recommended Mr. Li to me because of his exceptional achievement in his class. So Mr. Li came to our research group to finish his diploma project under my instruction. In the diploma project, his serious attitude and diligence made a favorable impression on me. At last, he completed high quality paper? “The Mathematical Model of Heat –Exchange Cycle In Large Scale Fossil Power Plant” which earned a high grade 90.


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  dear sir/madam:

  i am writing this letter of recommendation for mr.caleb,my former student. i have known mr. caleb for more than 6 years since his freshman year at "university of minnesota". at that time, he took the course-- "mathematical analysis," which i taught mainly for junior students majoring in mathematics. to my surprise, i found he was among the few students in his class who could keep up with the pace of my lectures. moreover, he often posed thought-provoking questions during the course. thus it was natural that i liked discussing with this young man and became familiar with him. the more i knew him, the more i found he was talented at mathematics. as you can see, he got excellent scores on the course. in fact, he ranked no. 1 on this 270 hours course in the talented student class which has 34 intelligent others.


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