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  一、说明工作经历Stating Your Work Experience:

  (1)Sales manager. In addition to ordinary sales activities and monument of department, responsible for recruiting and training of sales staff members. 销售部经理。除了正常销售活动和部门管理之外,还负责招聘与训练销销售人员。

  (2)Assistant to the General Manager of Shenzhen Petro-chemical Industrial Corporation Ltd.. Handled the itinerary tie of the corporation. Helped to negotiate a 5,000,000deal for the corporation. 深圳市石油化工集团股份有限公司总经理助理。安排总经理的出差旅行计划时间表。作为公司代表接见客户。协助公司谈成了一笔五百万美元的交易。

  (3)Secretary to president of Silverlion Group Corporation Ltd.. Responsibilities: Receiving visitors, scheduling meetings, taking and typing dictation, writing routine letters and re-ports 银利来集团有限公司董事长秘书。职责:接待访客,安排会议、笔录并打字、书写日常信函及报告

  (4)Public relations girl at Guangzhou Holiday Inn. Full-time in summers, part-time during school. 在广州文化假日酒店当公关小姐。暑期全职,上课时间兼职。

  (5)Assistant to manager of accounting department of a joint venture enterprise. Analyzed data and relevant financial statistics, and produced monthly financial statements. 一家合资企业会计部门经理的助理。分析数据及相关财务统计数字,而且提出每月的财务报告。

  (6)Production manager: nitrated puerility control resulting in a reduction in working hours by 2028528le increasing pro-ductility by 25生产部经理:引入质量控制,使得工作时数减少了20%,而生产力则提高了25%。

  (7)Practical summer experience. Clerked at One-and -One Clothes Store in charge of sales, 1992. Employed at Guangzhou Restaurant as waitress, 1993. 暑假的实际经验。1992年,在壹加壹服装店当店员,负责销售。1993年,在广州酒家当侍应小姐。 英语简历有用语句(3)

  二、说明任职资格Stating Your Qualifications:

  (1) University major in computer science, three years of part- time work in a computer software company. 在大学主修计算机科学,在计算机软件公司兼职三年。

  (2)Experienced operator: word Processor SV68,60 wpm. 有经验的操作人员;文字处理SV68型,每分钟60个单词。

  (3)Educational background in business administration with a major in secretarial science and two summers of full-time work experience. Working knowledge of all common office ma- chines. 有工商管理的学历,主修秘书学,两年暑假的全职工作经验。对办公室所有常用机器有运用知识。

  (4)Office skills include: operating English wordprocessor and microcomputer, taking shorthand 85 wpm.

  (5)Four years of experience in marketing, in addition to a bachelor's degree in management with major in marketing. Like to be challenged with a responsible job. 除了主修市场学的管理学学士学位,还有四年的市场营销经验。喜战责任重大的工作。

  (6)University education in management with an emphasis on accounting, involving the use of computers, Able to compare.heed financial statements 在大学修管理学,以会计为主,包含电脑的使用。能理财务报告。

  (7)Ability to organize marketing campaigns and to super-vise employees. Effective communication abilities and public relations skills. 具有组织市场活动和督导员工的能力,并具有效的交际能力和公关技巧。

  (8)Three years of successful job experience ranging from sales responsibilities to management of marketing department, Adaptable, versatile, industrious. 三年的成功工作经验,范围从销售职责到市场部门的管理,适应性强、善变通、勤奋。

  (9)Special training in accounting at Guangdong College Commerce and three years of practical experience in accounting environment. Enjoy working with people.Responsible and reli able. 在广东商学院接受会计方面的专门培训,并有三年会计部门的实际工作经验。喜欢和别人一同工作。负责可靠。

  (10)Work experience in personnel affairs in a foreign capital enterprise coupled with educational background specialized in personnel management. Maintain good human relations. 外资企业人事事务的工作经验,加上人事管理的专门学历背景。保持良好的人际关系。

  (11)Five years, working experience in teaching English at amiddle school coupled with educational background specialized in English Instruction at Guangzhou Teachers'College. Ability to listen and sensitivity to the needs of students. 有五年在中学进行英语教学进行英语教学的工作经验,加上在广州师范学院专攻英语教学的学历背景。能倾听学生意见、对学生的需求敏感。

  (12)Good university education with Japanese as my major combined with practical experience in translating business documents. Worked Practical experienced in interpreter in Japan for a Chinese investigation group for three months. 良好的大学教育,主修日语,加上翻译商务文件的实际经验。为中国考察团在日本当过三个月的译员。


  Tom P. Thompson

  1551 Camden Street

  Reno, NV 89501

  Phone - 775-335-6891

  Email id - tom.thompson@gomail.com


  To obtain a Human Resources assistant position




  Teller, Bank of America, Atlanta 01/05 - present

  Educated customers about bank products

  Referred products for sale to personal banker

  Resolved instant issues for customers

  Provided transaction services to customers

  Office Assistant, Southeast Dental, P.C, Atlanta 01/04 ¡V 01/05

  Filed dental insurance claims

  Verified patients¡¦ dental coverage

  Scheduled appointment for patients

  Answered basic questions regarding patients¡¦ benefits and claims

  Registrar Office Assistant, Georgia State University, Atlanta 06/02 ¡V 05/03

  Filed and Mailed out Transcripts and Verifications for registrar office

  Prepared tubes and mail labels for graduation office

  Prepared microfiches for records office

  Filed students¡¦ records

  Tutor, Gainesville College, Gainesville 06/01 ¡V 08/01

  Tutored middle school students in math

  Helped students understand the basic concepts of middle school math

  Sale Clerk, Sears and JC Penney, Gainesville 06/99 ¡V 08/01

  Responded to customer inquires

  Assisted with customer needs, and cahier


  B.B.A in Management, Fall 2005


  Strong customer service, highly responsible for the position, ability to accept mistakes and make improvement, fluent in Vietnamese, Microsoft Office 2000.



  Human Resources, Recruiter, Benefits Advisor, Manager



  To obtain a Human Resources position within a goal oriented company that has future opportunities for advancement.


  1999 V October 2005 Heritage Homes of Indiana Shelbyville, In.

  Director of Human Resources / Payroll Manager

  Oversee operations of the corporate office and nine Certified Medicaid / Medicare healthcare facilities employing over 650 employees.

  Responsibilities included:

  Senior executive recruitment for all senior management personnel.

  Writing and implementing company policy and procedures.

  Maintaining current knowledge and interpretation for all State/Federal laws and regulations.

  Served as an officer on the Corporate Compliance Committee.

  Serve as the Employee Grievance Officer for 650 employees.

  Plan Administrator for all company Health and Dental Insurance.

  Risk Management Officer and Worker Compensation Administrator

  HIPAA Compliance Officer.

  COBRA administration and manage the coordination of benefits.

  1989 V 1999 J.L. Johnsons Fine Jewelry Greenwood, In.

  Store Manager

  Managed all production and procedures for custom jewelry start to finish.

  Responsible for all Human Resource duties.

  Extensive contact and relationships with vendor representatives, trade accounts and advertising media.

  Responsible for all administrative duties including all daily banking transactions, customer relation issues and training of all new staff.

  1987-1989 Greenwood, In.

  Sales, Facility Assistant Manager

  Responsible for key marketing campaigns and strategies, generated high volume sales, customer care issues, required quarterly reporting on sales figures and quotas and personnel training of clients.


  1987 V 1990 Indiana University / Purdue University Indianapolis, In.

  Business Marketing and Human Resources Administration

  American Council of Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer for 17 years.




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