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  前言:罗德岛(The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations)指的是十三州之一,濒大西洋。罗德岛面积3139平方公里,人口100.4万(1991)。罗德岛是美国面积小而人口密度大的州之一。



  • Rhode Island has a total population of around 1.1 million

  • Providence has more coffee and donut shops per person than any other US city

  • Rhode Island is one of the 13 states that made up original United States (represented by the 13 stripes of the US flag)

  • The White Horse Tavern in Newport, which opened its doors in 1673, lays claim to being to oldest continually operating tavern in the US

  • Redwood Library & Athenæum, also in Newport, is the oldest lending library in the country, having been established in 1747

  • Cumberlandite, a certain type of rock containing high amounts of iron, is only found in any noteworthy quantity in Rhode Island

  • Jersey Shore’s Pauly D, comedy director Peter Farrelly, sci-fi/fantasy author HP Lovecraft, and Pulitzer Prize winning author Cormac McCarthy are some famous Rhode Islanders

  • Animated US comedy series Family Guy is set in the fictional town of Quahog, Rhode Island





  •雷德伍德图书馆& Athenæum同样在纽波特,是美国最古老的图书馆,成立于1747年


  泽西海岸的Pauly D,喜剧导演Peter Farrelly,科幻/奇幻作家HP Lovecraft,和普利策奖获奖作家Cormac McCarthy是一些著名的罗德岛居民



  Rhode Island may be small, but it's a high performer in the higher education world, thanks to prestigious Ivy League member Brown University.Rhode Island is the smallest of the 50 US states, with a total area of only 1,214 square miles – you could fit 221 Rhode Islands in Texas!It also has one of the highest population densities in the country, with only New Jersey packing more people into a tighter space.Most of the state’s population lives in the metropolitan area of capital city Providence, which spills over into neighboring Massachusetts. One of the main urban areas of the New England region, Providence is a socially progressive city with a large student population which helps to fuel the city’s bohemian café culture.

  Recent years have seen Providence both try to attempt to capitalize on its creative side (it has been rebranded the ‘Creative Capital’) and become increasingly gentrified.Much of the rest of the Ocean State is, as the nickname suggests, characterized by water. Though the main body of the state is not actually an island, it does have 400 miles of coastline, and nearly a third of state is actually underwater. Sailing enthusiasts, beach fans and those who just like to be by the sea will find plenty to keep them happy, therefore.Second city Newport is notable for containing the highest number of colonial buildings in the US, and is famous for its historical cobbled streets and rustic charm. Resultantly it is an extremely popular tourist destination in the summer months.So, is Rhode Island for you? Well, if the idea of cultured cosmopolitan city living within spitting distance of miles of rugged coastline sounds good, then the answer is a resounding yes…




  A member of the prestigious Ivy League, Providence-based Brown University is by far the state’s best known university. The private not-for-profit university is currently ranked 39 in the 2011/12 QS World University Rankings, and is the seventh oldest university in the US, having been founded in 1764.It is strong across the disciplines, and can boast two Nobel Prize winning alumni, as well as five Nobel Prize winning professors (at the time of their award). Other notable alumni include spellcheck inventor John Seely Brown, William Williams Keen, the first US brain surgeon, and media tycoon Ted Turner. Current professors include Chinua Achebe, author of Things Fall Apart, former Brazilian president Fernando Cardoso and Fields Medal winner David Mumford.As you might expect from an Ivy League institution, entry to Brown is extremely competitive and tuition may be expensive – though the university is ‘need-aware’ for international students, meaning that your financial situation will be taken into account if you are up to the university's standards.

  Brown currently hosts 8,000 students, around three quarters of which are undergraduates, as well as 400 medical students at the Alpert Medical School.The University of Rhode Island is the state’s flagship public university. It is a Land, Sea and Urban Grant university, known for its nursing and engineering programs. It also specializes in agricultural economics.The main campus of the university is based in the village of Kingston, towards the south of the state. The university offers 80 majors.

  作为著名的常春藤盟校之一的布朗大学是该州最知名的大学。私立非盈利大学目前在2011 - 12年度QS世界大学排名中排名第39位,是美国第七大最古老的大学,成立于1764年。它在各个学科领域都很强大,并且可以夸耀两位诺贝尔奖获得者,以及5位诺贝尔奖获得者(在他们获奖的时候)。其他著名的校友还包括拼写检查发明人约翰·塞利·布朗,威廉·威廉姆斯·基恩,美国第一个脑外科医生,以及传媒大亨特德·特纳。现任教授包括《Things Fall Apart》的作者Chinua Achebe,前巴西总统Fernando Cardoso和菲尔兹奖获得者David Mumford。正如你可能在常青藤院校所期望的那样,进入布朗大学是极具竞争力的,而且学费可能很贵——尽管这所大学对国际学生来说是“内情”,这意味着如果你符合大学的标准,你的财务状况将会被考虑进去。




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