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  The city maintains a remarkable balance of green space and skyscrapers, in addition to sustaining substantial ethnic enclaves like Little India and Chinatown. This motley group of cultures has brought to this former British colony something special – a common mindset. Singaporeans are determined and patriotic; they are proud of what they have achieved (just look at Marina Bay and you might get jealous).But while their skyline accumulates monumental peaks and troughs, Singaporeans have not forgotten about their past or the importance of their natural surroundings. Museums stand tall and welcome amateur historians to explore their vast interiors. Plus, on an island (also named "Singapore"), large wetland preserves quietly rest in stark contrast to Singapore's modern achievements. This tiny nation with its massive city embodies a cosmopolitan aggregation in a manner that few others can. So leave your chewing gum at home (as it's illegal to import or sell), and hop on a flight to the pristine Singapore.

  无瑕、高效的新加坡是一个奇迹般的景象,特别是对熟悉现代亚洲大都市的旅客。除了维持像小印度和唐人街这样的大量民族飞地之外,这个城市还保持着绿色空间和摩天大楼的显着平衡。这种混杂的文化群体给这个前英国殖民地带来了一些特殊的东西、一个共同的思想。新加坡人是有决心和爱国的, 他们为他们取得的成就而感到自豪(只要看看滨海湾,你就会嫉妒)。但是,虽然他们的天际线积累了巨大的高峰和低谷,新加坡人并没有忘记他们的过去或自然环境的重要性。博物馆站立高大,欢迎业余历史学家探索他们广阔的内部空间。此外,在一个岛屿(也称为新加坡)上,与新加坡的现代成就形成鲜明对比的是,大片湿地保留着静静的休憩空间。这个拥有巨大城市的小国以少数人能够拥有的方式体现了世界性的聚合。所以把你的口香糖留在家里(因为新加坡的口香糖只能是靠进口的),这样才可以跳上飞往原始新加坡的航班。


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  If you're looking for a taste of nature without the trek, Gardens by the Bay is your urban jungle. The attraction is conveniently based in Marina Bay and features a wide of variety of enticing things to do and see that seamlessly mix Mother Nature with the metropolis. The Supertree Grove, the most recognized landmark of the park, features 18 "supertrees" that support the OCBC Skyway, a 419-foot-long aerial walkway that affords views of both the surrounding gardens, as well as Marina Bay.In the nearby seashell-shaped facilities, visitors will find the highly lauded Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. The Flower Dome is the largest greenhouse in the world and showcases numerous types of plants and flowers grouped by country. Expect to find tulips next to replicas of Dutch architecture and Birds of Paradise flowers in the South African Garden. The Cloud Forest – a crowd favorite – features a 114-foot-tall mini mountain that plays host to the world's tallest indoor waterfall, which visitors can observe via the aerial Cloud Walk or Tree Top Walk. And that's just a few of the activities available on-site.

  如果你在寻找一种没有长途跋涉的自然体验,那么在海湾边的花园就是你的都市丛林。这一景点位于滨海湾,地理位置优越,具有多种多样诱人的景观,可以将大自然与大都市完美地融合在一起。超级树格罗夫是公园中最受认可的地标,它有18个超级树,支持OCBC Skyway,这是一条419英尺长的空中走道,可以俯瞰周围的花园和滨海湾。在附近的海贝壳形设施中,游客们将会发现备受赞誉的花圆和云森林。花圆屋顶是世界上最大的温室,它展示了各种各样的植物和花卉。在南非的花园里,你可以找到郁金香,在荷兰建筑和极乐鸟的复制品旁边。云森林,一群最受欢迎的人群,有一座114英尺高的迷你山,它的主人是世界上最高的室内瀑布,游客可以通过空中云游或树顶散步来观察。这只是现场的一些活动。游客们说这个公园不会让人失望,但要记住,景点有单独的入场费。它可以自由地在户外花园中散步,包括远东组织儿童花园,但要在超级树格林园和音乐学院获得OCBC Skyway,其中包括花穹顶和云森林还有额外的费用。到海湾的花园,在Bayfront捷运站下车。公园每天早上5点到凌晨2点开放,但不同景点的时间也不同。欲了解更多信息,请访问该海湾网站的花园。



  For such a large city, you'll be shocked at the amount of parks that share space with the skyscrapers. And the Singapore Botanic Gardens is the epicenter of this natural, flowering splendor. Formerly an unused plantation, the garden hugs 60 acres of the city, not only living up to Singapore's nickname of the City in the Garden, but earning the country's first UNESCO World Heritage site title. The gardens attract both casual naturalists and scholarly botanists with its world-renowned botanical library, acres of varied vegetation and free admission. Numerous attractions dot a map of the gardens; however, we advise that you simply wander through this gorgeous spectacle and unwind. That said: travelers say not to miss the National Orchid Garden for its innumerable floral varieties and breathtaking colors.Overall, recent visitors were taken by the beauty of the floral grounds, with some saying it was the best attraction they visited during their time in Singapore. Due to the size of the gardens, many travelers suggested allotting hours to tour this attraction because there is just that much to see. Aside from hitting the main points of interests, some recommended taking a jog or packing a picnic as an alternative means of soaking up the attraction. However you decide to experience the gardens, travelers agreed: bring water. With average temperatures reaching the 80s, it's essential you have a bottle to stay hydrated.The Singapore Botanic Gardens are open daily from 5 a.m. to midnight and cost nothing to explore. However, the National Orchid Garden – the park's crown jewel – only welcomes visitors from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and charges SG$5 (about $3.75) for adult admission. Students and seniors receive reduced SG$1 (about $0.75) tickets. You can reach the Singapore Botanic Gardens by getting off at the Orchard or Botanic Gardens MRT stops. For more information check out the Singapore Botanic Garden's website.

  对于这样一个大城市,你会惊讶与摩天大楼共享空间的公园数量。新加坡植物园是这个自然开花的辉煌的中心。原来是一个未使用的种植园,花园占地60英亩的城市,不仅获得了新加坡的花园城市的绰号,还获得该国的第一个联合国教科文组织世界遗产名录。花园吸引了休闲自然学家和学术植物学家,拥有 世界著名的植物图书馆,数千英亩的植被和免费入场。许多景点都点缀着花园的地图; 不过,我们建议你只是漫步在这个美丽的景观和放松。这就是说:旅客们说,不要错过国家兰花园的无数花卉品种和惊人的色彩。总的来说,最近的游客被花园的美景所吸引,有人说这是他们在新加坡度过的最好的景点。由于花园的大小,我们建议您花一点时间参观这个景点即可,因为你还有其他地点可以一起去看看。除了触及主要兴趣点之外,还有人建议慢跑或打野餐,作为吸引吸引力的替代手段。然而,你决定去体验花园,旅客同意:带水。平均气温达到80年代,您必须有一瓶保持水分。新加坡植物园每天上午5点至午夜开放,不花费任何费用。然而,国家兰花园 - 公园的皇冠上的宝石 - 只在上午8点到下午7点才欢迎游客,成人入场费为5元(约合3.75美元)。学生和老年人获得减少1新元(约0.75美元)的门票。您可以在果园或植物园地铁站下车到达新加坡植物园。欲了解更多信息,请查看新加坡植物园的网站。



  The district of Marina Bay is considered to be Singapore's tourism epicenter. Marina Bay houses some of the city's main points of interest as well as numerous opportunities for entertainment like the ArtScience Museum and The Float at Marina Bay (the world's largest floating stadium). You'll also find the Singapore Flyer, Gardens By the Bay and Merion Park, some of the city's best lookout spots overlooking the bay. And although many features will draw your eye, the centerpiece of Marina Bay is the Marina Bay Sands resort. You name it, this complex probably has it: a world-class casino, multiple nightclubs, performance halls, shops and spectacular overnight accommodations. Plus, don't miss the Sands SkyPark, an elevated open-air concourse that crowns the resort.Recent visitors said a walk around Marina Bay is a must, especially for first-time travelers. Some recommended a stroll during the day and night, as both take on two different atmospheres. Those who decide to visit at night will be treated to a nightly light show put on by Marina Bay Sands. However, no matter the time of day, visitors say eateries surrounding this tourist mecca are pricey.Depending on where you'd like to go, you can get off at several different MRT stations. The most convenient for the resort is the Marina Bay stop. For more information, check out Marina Bay's website.

  滨海湾地区被认为是新加坡的旅游中心。滨海湾拥有一些城市的主要兴趣点,还有许多娱乐的机会,比如艺术博物馆和滨海湾(世界上最大的浮动体育场)的浮舟。你还可以看到新加坡的摩天大楼、海湾和梅里恩公园的花园,这是俯瞰海湾的一些城市最好的观景点。虽然许多特色会吸引你的眼球,滨海湾的中心是滨海湾金沙度假村。你可以把它命名为:一个世界级的赌场,多个夜总会,表演大厅,商店和壮观的住宿设施。另外,不要错过金沙空中公园,这是一处高耸的露天广场是度假村的王冠。最近的游客说,在滨海湾散步是必须的,特别是对于初次旅行的游客。有些人建议白天和晚上散步,因为两者都有两种不同的氛围。那些决定晚上去参观的人将会接受滨海湾金沙酒店举办的夜间灯光秀。然而,无论何时,游客们都说这个旅游圣地周围的餐馆价格不菲。根据你想去的地方,你可以在几个不同的捷运站下车。度假胜地最方便的地方是滨海湾站。想了解更多信息,请登录Marina Bay的网站。



  As a nation composed of mostly immigrants, Singapore possesses a number of ethnic enclaves. Chinatown is one of the largest of them. Broken up into five districts, the neighborhood is packed with a variety of things to do and is constantly buzzing with pedestrians passing in and out of its shops, eateries and food stalls.If you're seeking souvenirs, head over to Pagoda Street for trinkets galore, then consider grabbing a bite at Smith Street or New Bridge Road, the latter of which is known for its barbecued meats. For a night out on the town, venture on over to the Tangong Pagar district, which offers loads of bars, pubs and karaoke lounges. And when you need a break from the hustle and bustle, explore the Telok Ayer district. This area has the largest concentration of ancient mosques and temples in Chinatown. Set out to the Thian Hock Keng Temple for some quiet Zen. And though it's not associated with Chinese culture, you should stop in front of the Sri Mariamman Temple to admire its colorful, intricate facades.Recent visitors reveled in the sights and sounds of Chinatown. The striking architecture, variety of things to do and energy of the neighborhood is what made the area memorable to many travelers. Others appreciated how cheap Chinatown was in comparison to the rest of Singapore, and as such recommended buying any gifts you might want to bring back home here. And even if you're not looking to do much shopping, visitors say the food alone is more than worth the trek.

  作为一个主要由移民组成的国家,新加坡拥有许多少数民族聚居地。唐人街是其中最大的一个。这个街区被分成了五个区,周围挤满了各种各样的事情,来来往往的行人来来去去,进出商店、餐馆和食品摊位。如果你想买纪念品,可以到宝塔街去买小饰品,然后考虑在史密斯街或新桥路(New Bridge Road)吃点东西,后者以烤肉闻名。在小镇上的一个晚上,冒险到唐璜帕格尔区,那里有大量的酒吧、酒吧和卡拉ok厅。当你需要远离喧嚣的时候,探索一下Telok Ayer的区域。这个地区拥有中国城最大的古代清真寺和寺庙。出发去到西安的赫克坑寺去找一个安静的禅师。虽然它与中国文化没有联系,但你应该在圣玛丽安曼神庙前驻足欣赏它丰富多彩、错综复杂的立面。




  When you tire of the urban jungle, head to an actual jungle: the Singapore Zoo. The expansive facility is broken up into 11 different zones and has 12 exhibits, affording numerous opportunities to get up close and personal with a diverse array of wildlife. Venture to Primate Kingdom and get a glimpse into the lives of the 39 species of primate that call that zone home. Or visit the Elephants of Asia exhibit, where you can rub elbows with the five big girls (all five elephants are female) hailing from Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia. Along with numerous exhibits, guests can also attend animal shows, go on tours and safaris (the night safari is particularly popular), or even feed some of the animals.Recent travelers raved about the zoo. Visitors appreciated how well-maintained the zoo was: animals appeared to be well looked after and their enclosures appeared to be exactly what their habitats would look like in the wild. Both kids and adults reported being entertained, and some recommended allotting as much as an entire day for the zoo as there is that much to see.To reach the zoo, you can take the 138 SMRT bus from the Ang Mo Kio MRT station or the 927 SMRT bus from the Choa Chu Kang MRT station. To plan your trip, consult our guide to Getting Around Singapore. The park is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and costs SG$33 (about $24.60) for adults and SG$22 (about $16.40) for children. If you're interested in heading to other wildlife reserves in Singapore, such as the Night Safari, the Jurong Bird Park or River Safari, combined tickets are available. For more information, check out the Singapore Zoo's website.

  当你厌倦了城市丛林,想要去一个真正的丛林:新加坡动物园。这个宽敞的设施被分成了11个不同的区域,有12个展厅,提供了无数的机会,可以与各种各样的野生动物亲密接触。探索灵长类动物王国,让我们了解这39种灵长类动物的生活。或者去参观亚洲大象展,在那里你可以和来自斯里兰卡、马来西亚和印度尼西亚的五个大女孩(所有5头大象都是雌性)接触。除了大量的展品外,游客还可以参加动物表演,参观游览和狩猎(夜间狩猎特别受欢迎),甚至还可以喂一些动物。最近的旅客对动物园赞不绝口。游客们很欣赏动物园的维护:动物们看起来很好,它们的围场看起来就像是野生动物的栖息地。孩子们和大人都报告了他们的娱乐活动,一些人建议在动物园呆一整天,因为那里有很多值得看的东西。要到达动物园,你可以乘坐138辆SMRT巴士从昂茂桥捷运站或927 SMRT巴士从康捷运站。要计划你的旅行,请参考我们的向导来游览新加坡。公园每天早上8点半到下午6点开放,成人和SG$22(约合16.40美元)的费用为$33(约合24.60美元)。如果你有兴趣前往新加坡的其他野生动物保护区,比如夜间狩猎、裕廊鸟类公园或河野生动物园,你可以买到综合票。想了解更多信息,请登录新加坡动物园的网站。



  Every modern metropolis must have its commercial avenue. Singapore's version is Orchard Road. This electric boulevard buzzes with the whizzing of cars, the humming of neon lights and the swiping of credit cards, a far cry from the way things once were way back when. Orchard Road got its name from the presence of fruit orchards, nutmeg plantations and pepper farms that dotted the area in the early 19th century. Today, the mile-long street houses tons of eateries and a whopping 47 shopping malls carrying high end brands, popular international retailers like Zara and H&M as well as local shops. The massive ION Orchard shopping complex is arguably the centerpiece of the street, so you'll inevitably be lured inside by the designer names and stream of fashionable patrons.We definitely encourage window-shopping, but depending on your purchasing power, you should be wary of the enticing bright lights here. At various stores, the price tags range from reasonable to obscene, so we recommend saving your cash for unique souvenirs found in other character-filled neighborhoods like Little India and Chinatown. If you're still interested in getting a taste of this flashy thoroughfare, Orchard Road also houses art galleries, movie theaters, clubs and various other entertainment opportunities.

  每个现代都市都必须有它的商业大道。新加坡的版本是乌节路。这条电力大道上充斥着汽车的嗖嗖声、霓虹灯的嗡嗡声和信用卡的刷刷声,与以前的情况截然不同。果园之路得名于19世纪早期的果园、肉豆蔻种植园和胡椒农场。如今,这条英里长的街道上有大量的餐馆和多达47个购物中心,里面有高端品牌,像Zara和H&M这样的受欢迎的国际零售商以及当地的商店。大型的ION Orchard购物中心可以说是街道的中心,所以你不可避免地被设计师的名字和时髦的顾客们吸引。我们肯定鼓励逛街,但根据你的购买力,你应该警惕这里诱人的灯光。在不同的商店,价格标签的范围从合理到及其的昂贵,所以我们建议把你的现金花费到其他特色的地方,比如小印度和唐人街。如果你还想体验一下这条华丽的大道,乌节路还会有画廊、电影院、俱乐部和其他各种娱乐场所。如果你是一个衣服马,你很可能会喜欢这个巨大的吸引力,但如果你不是,你可能找不到值得你花时间的乌节路。虽然有些人只是被喧闹的商店和疯狂的商店所吸引,但还有一些人认为乌节路只不过是一个大购物区而已。您可以通过Orchard MRT站到达这个购物狂涅槃,它将把您放在购物区的中心。有关乌节路的更多信息,以及它所提供的所有信息,请查看其网站。



  On Marina Bay, Merlion Park hosts one of Singapore's most recognizable monuments. The Merlion statue is the head of a lion with the body and tail of a fish, and the hybrid creature spouts water from its mouth and into the bay. Measuring 28 feet tall, the statue may seem a bit odd to the naked eye, but the statue is actually a nod to Singapore's history. The head of Merlion represents Singapura, the city's first name, which means 'lion city' in Malay. The fish tail and body symbolizes Singapore's old days as a small fishing town. Even though the statue has claimed all the fame, another notable highlight is the park's panoramic view of the bay. Particularly at night, the urban vista with the spectacular Marina Bay Sands resort impresses visitors. Some travelers, however, complained of congestion and suggested visiting when the sun isn't at its peak.Merlion Park is just a short walk from the Raffles Place MRT. The park is free to visit at any time of the day (though we recommend visiting at night). For more information, check out the Singapore Tourism Board's website.




  Sentosa is an entire island resort dedicated to fun for all ages. You want family-friendly amusement; head to Universal Studios Singapore, Adventure Cove Waterpark or S.E.A. Aquarium.You want some adventure; hit up iFly Singapore, Mega Adventure or The Flying Trapeze. You need some relaxation; then hit the links or stake your claim on miles of beaches, including Palawan Beach, the southernmost point of Continental Asia. And that's really only some of the myriad of activities you can do on Sentosa.While Sentosa is a vacation destination that could take an entire week to consume, we suggest that you set aside one day from touring Singapore's cultural sites for some island fun. Although some visitors found the conglomerate to be overwhelming, travelers agreed that the attractions are not only top-notch but really fun as well.You can reach Sentosa by crossing the Sentosa Gateway, which connects the resort island to Singapore. Just take the MRT to the HarbourFront station, which is at the foot of the boardwalk. Once you're there, you can either walk across the bridge or take a trolley, bus, cable car or tram to the island. And come anytime because Sentosa welcomes visitors 24/7. Attraction hours, however, vary. For more information, check out Sentosa's website.

  圣淘沙是一个整个岛屿度假村,致力于为所有年龄段的乐趣。你想要家庭友好的娱乐; 前往新加坡环球影城,冒险湾水上乐园或SEA水族馆。新加坡,新加坡,大型冒险或飞行空中飞人。你需要一些放松; 然后点击链接或在几英里的海滩(包括亚洲大陆最南端的巴拉望岛海滩)占据您的申请。 而这其实只是圣淘沙可以做的无数活动中的一部分。虽然圣淘沙是一个可能需要整整一个星期才能消费的度假胜地,但我们建议您在游览新加坡的文化遗址前留出一段时间,以享受一些岛上的乐趣。虽然有些旅客发现这个企业集团是压倒性的,但旅客同意这个旅游景点不仅是一流的,而且也很有趣。您可以通过穿过连接度假岛到新加坡的圣淘沙门户到达圣淘沙。乘搭地铁到海滨长廊脚下的港湾站。一旦你在那里,你可以走过桥,或者乘坐电车,巴士,缆车或电车到岛上。随时来,因为圣淘沙欢迎游客24/7。吸引时间,但是,不同。欲了解更多信息,请查看圣淘沙网站。



  Ever since Chicago built one in 1893 for the World Expo, cities around the world have learned that tourists really like Ferris wheels – huge ones. In 2000, London built its famous Eye, standing 443 feet tall. But Singapore didn't wait long before constructing the Flyer, which trumps its British equivalent by almost a hundred feet. Since opening in 2008, the 42-storey-tall Flyer, billed as Asia's largest giant observation wheel, has offered visitors 360-degree views of the urban landscape from Marina Bay. The attraction claims that visitors can catch a glimpse of neighboring Malaysia or Indonesia from the highest point of the observation wheel.Travelers label the Singapore Flyer as a must-do, with many saying the views atop the wheel are simply breathtaking. Visitors say the 30-minute ride time gives people ample time to take in the great views and snap lots of pictures. What's more, the pods are air-conditioned, making it a great place to also cool off from Singapore's year-round heat. Some suggested going at night to bare witness to the glittering city lights, or if you can, opt for a visit at dusk or sunset.The Singapore Flyer sits a little more than a half-mile from the Promenade MRT station. Standard admission costs a hefty SG$33 (about $24.60) for adults; however, there are several package deals that include extras like dinner for additional costs. You can purchase tickets online and save yourself a wait at the ticket booth. The first "flight" takes off at 8:30 a.m., and the final one departs at 10 p.m. For more information, check out the Singapore Flyer website.

  自1893年芝加哥建造世博会以来,世界各地的城市都知道,游客真的喜欢摩天轮,巨大的摩天轮。在2000年,伦敦建立了著名的眼睛,站在443英尺高。但是,新加坡在建造飞行者之前等不了多久,而英国的飞行者已经高达近百英尺。自2008年开放以来,42层高的Flyer被誉为亚洲最大的巨型观景轮,为游客提供360度的滨海湾城市景观。景点声称,游客可以从观景轮的最高点瞥见邻近的马来西亚或印度尼西亚。旅客将新加坡摩天观景轮称为必做之事,许多人都认为摩天轮上的景观简直令人叹为观止。游客们说,30分钟的乘坐时间让人们有充足的时间欣赏美景,拍下大量的照片。更重要的是,里面装有空调,是新加坡降温的好地方。有人建议在晚上去见证闪闪发光的城市灯光,或者如果可以的话,在黄昏或日落时选择参观。新加坡摩天观景轮距离长廊捷运站只有半英里远。标准入场费用为成人增加了33新元(约合24.60美元)然而,有几个一揽子交易包括额外费用,如晚餐额外费用。您可以在线购买门票,并在售票处等候。 第一个航班在上午8:30起飞,最后一个在晚上10点起飞。欲了解更多信息,请查看新加坡摩天观景轮网站。



  Should you want to stray from the mainland, immerse yourself in Little India. This cultural enclave, located a little more than 2 miles northwest of Marina Bay, features a dense network of streets and shops where you can find anything from flower garlands to fragrant spices and colorful fabrics. Start by perusing the boutiques along Serangoon Road and then venture down the smaller alleyways to discover true treasures. There's also the 24-hour Mustafa Centre, perfect for grabbing any last-minute amenities, and the open-air Tekka Centre, which offers sari and goldsmith retailers. When your feet (and credit card) begin to tire, check out the gorgeous Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple, a Hindu place of worship.Recent visitors enjoyed their trip to Little India, with many citing the neighborhood's authenticity as its best asset. Some travelers who are from or have visited India even went so far as to say that Little India made them feel as if they were in the country itself. Along with shopping, travelers strongly recommended arriving on an empty stomach to get a taste of the great northern and southern Indian dishes the neighborhood has to offer. But plan your time accordingly; Sundays are especially busy, according to reviewers.To reach this bustling neighborhood, take the MRT to the Bugis stop and cross the bridge on Bukit Timah Road to Serangoon Road. You're free to visit anytime of day; there's always something going on. For more information, check out the Singapore Tourism Board's website.



  Ascott Raffles Place Singapore新加坡雅诗阁来福士广场酒店

  Capella Singapore新加坡嘉佩乐酒店

  Conrad Centennial Singapore新加坡康莱德港丽酒店


  Use the MRT Singapore's public transit system is timely, clean and, best of all, cheap. With base fares starting at SG$1 (or about $0.74), MRT is by far your most efficient way to get around.

  Avoid Orchard Road Shopping is a serious business in this pricey commercial hub. Our fiscal advice: watch from the sidelines. Try Little India or Chinatown instead for unique (and cheap) souvenirs.

  Sobriety pays Although alcohol is one of the few intoxicants permitted in Singapore, drinking it can be expensive. If you do want to try the signature Singapore Sling cocktail, order one during happy hour.






  Diversity is Singapore's crowning jewel. Not only are 40 percent of Singapore residents born abroad, but the city-state is considered to be the most religiously diverse country in the world. When exploring Singapore, it's not uncommon to find Chinese and Hindu temples as well as churches and mosques in one neighborhood. In some instances, these houses of worship share the same street. Various cultural holidays, events and festivals are held and widely celebrated for different ethnic groups throughout the year.



  Singapore's cultural melting pot creates quite an eclectic dining scene. Considering that the majority of ethnicities that comprise Singapore's cultural identity are Asian, expect to find a smorgasbord of delectable Chinese, Indian and Malay dishes during your stay. Seek out Chinatown and Little India for Chinese and Indian cuisine of course, but no trip to Singapore is complete without a visit to a hawker center for cheap and delicious street-style eats. The best known hawker enclave is the Maxwell Food Centre, which is packed with more than 100 stalls.



  The best way to get around Singapore is via its Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) subway system. This underground network has lines that stretch across the entire city. However, once you're in the desired neighborhood, walking is your best option. MRT also operates bus routes that can get you just about anywhere on the island. We recommend avoiding car rental, as parking is expensive and traffic can be painful. If you wish to be in a car, take a taxi. Most travelers arrive through Singapore Changi Airport (SIN), which is connected to the city by the MRT system.



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