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  Venice is enchanting. Yes, that may be cliché to say, but once you see the city on the water for yourself, you'll surely agree. Step off of the Santa Lucia train station and the breathtaking Grand Canal will soon greet you. You'll see water taxis coast along, passing underneath the Ponte degli Scalzi (Bridge of the Barefoot) and might hear the faintest hint of a serenading violin, or is that your imagination? It might not be all in your head. Romantic gondolas carrying smitten couples glide through the web of the city's many waterways, and gondola drivers are known to sing when the moment feels right. On land, narrow passageways twist past Old World storefronts and residences, and over bridges. You should note that maps aren't all that helpful here and getting lost is the norm — embrace the disorientation.This canal-clad city's main draw is its magical atmosphere, but you'll also find quite a few diversions, too: The tour guides at Saint Mark's Basilica and the Doge's Palace give some great historical insight; the Gallerie dell'Accademia hangs works by Titian, Veronese and other famed Venetians; and the Teatro La Fenice puts on some world-renowned operas. You can also travel to nearby islands like Lido for the beach, Murano for the well-known glass and Burano for its lace.

  威尼斯是迷人。当然,这可能是陈词滥调的说法,但是一旦你看到了自己的水上城市,你一定会同意的。离开圣卢西亚火车站和惊人的大运河 即将迎接你。你会看到水上的士沿着海岸,经过赤脚桥,可能会听到小提琴最微弱的暗示,还是你的想象?这可能不是全部在你的脑海中。浪漫的吊船上载着被击打的情侣在城市的许多水道的网上滑行,当缆车司机觉得正确的时候,他们会唱歌。在陆地上,狭窄的通道扭过了旧世界的店面和住宅,又翻过了桥梁。你应该注意到,地图在这里并不是那么有帮助,迷路是常态,拥抱迷失方向。这个运河型城市的主要吸引力是其神奇的气氛,但你也会发现不少的改道:圣马可大教堂和总督府的导游给了一些伟大的历史见解,在Gallerie dell'Accademia美术馆挂起提香,委罗内塞和其他著名的威尼斯人工程; 而凤凰剧院也有一些世界知名的歌剧。您也可以前往附近的岛屿,如海滩的丽都,着名的玻璃的穆拉诺和花边的布拉诺。


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  失去威尼斯的魅力是访问的主要原因。但你也应该参观圣马克大教堂和总督宫等地标。在另一天,你可以乘渡轮(汽艇)到丽都,穆拉诺岛或布拉诺岛的小岛。你也应该花时间去做艺术:不要错过佩吉古根海姆博物馆(Peggy Guggenheim Collection)或者学院美术馆(Gallerie dell'Accademia)。如果您渴望听到意大利歌剧,可以在Teatro La Fenice预订演出门票。 我们如何排名的事情。



  This elaborate church sits on the popular piazza by the same name. The church was built in honor of Saint Mark the evangelist, whose remains were stolen from their home in Alexandria, Egypt, and hidden in barrels of pork by a couple crafty Venetians, intent on bringing him to rest in Venice.Crafted from many different styles of architecture, today its opulence shines from nearly every corner — from the four bronze horses that guard the entrance to thousands of square feet of mosaics to the Pala d'Oro. If you look closely at the church's center gable, you can see a statue of St. Mark along with Venice's emblem: a lion with wings.Recent visitors suggest buying a ticket online in advance, and springing for the extra fee to skip the lines, as they get very long. Other than that, many consider the Basilica to be a must-see attraction while in Venice. Travelers particularly pointed out the beauty of the mosaics, saying they weresimply marvelous to see.The basilica is open daily from 9:45 a.m. to 5 p.m. with abbreviated hours on Sunday and holidays. Admission is 2 euros (about $3.60) for adults and 1.50 euros (about $1.80) for students 29 and younger.

  这个精心设计的教堂坐落在广受欢迎的同名广场上。教堂是为纪念传道者圣马可而建的,他们的遗体被从埃及亚历山大的家中偷走,被一对狡猾的威尼斯人藏在猪桶里,意图让他在威尼斯休息。由许多不同风格的建筑精心打造而成,几乎每一个角落都有辉煌的光芒 - 从保护入口的四匹青铜马到数千平方英尺的马赛克,再到Pala d'Oro。如果仔细观察教堂的中心山墙,您可以看到一尊圣马克雕像以及威尼斯的标志:一只带翅膀的狮子。最近的游客建议提前在网上购买一张票,然后额外收费跳过线,因为他们很长。除此之外,许多人认为大教堂是威尼斯的必游景点。旅客特别指出了马赛克的美丽,说他们真的很奇妙地看到。



  Considered to be the main street of Venice, the 2-mile-long Grand Canal is one of the city's most popular and highly photographed attractions. Recent travelers recommend hiring a gondolier for a romantic (but expensive) row along the canal. Many others suggested getting the vaporetto, or the public waterbus, for a cheaper ride. Vaporetto lines No. 1 and 2 go down the Grand Canal, and travel experts strongly recommend purchasing a travel card if you don't plan on walking the entirety of your trip due to the high cost of one-way fare. Whichever mode of transportation you chose, travelers agree that the Grand Canal is a magnificent site and must be experienced during your trip.

  大运河被认为是威尼斯的主要街道,长达2英里的大运河是这个城市最受欢迎的景点之一。最近的旅行者建议雇用一个船夫沿着运河浪漫(但昂贵)排。许多人建议乘坐汽艇或公共水上巴士,以便更便宜。Vaporetto 1号和2号线沿大运河走下去,旅行专家强烈建议您购买一张旅行卡,因为单程票价很高,因此您不打算整个旅行。无论您选择哪种交通方式,旅客都同意,大运河是一个宏伟的地方,必须在旅途中体验。



  Several centuries ago, if you wanted to cross the Grand Canal, the Rialto bridge was the only way. Now there are other options, including the Accademia Bridge. The bridge's current incarnation is the handiwork of Antonio da Ponte, whose name translates to "Anthony of the Bridge," is built entirely of marble after collapsing multiple times from previous wooden designs. Predicted to fail by critics, the bridge still stands and is considered an engineering marvel.Recent visitors said the view of the Grand Canal from atop the Rialto Bridge is beautiful and recommended future travelers traverse the crowds and cheap shops on the bridge for that photo op alone. Others suggested not only crossing the bridge for views, but walking along the canal to get a full view of the marble marvel. Others said you should take a gondola ride along the Grand Canal underneath the bridge to get an even closer look at the its unique design.




  The Teatro La Fenice is one of Italy's most popular opera houses, and one that has almost faced its demise from not one, but two big fires throughout the course of its lifetime. Locals and visitors alike joke at the name (which translates to Theater of the Phoenix), and how it has coincides with the theater's unfortunate history: like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, La Fenice has lived on.Although repurposed, it still has an Old World feel with decadent, intricately designed gold interiors outfitted with plush, red velvet chairs, making it the perfect setting to take in the auditory/visual pleasure of classic Italian opera. There are also a variety of dance, particularly ballet, and music performances scheduled throughout the year. For those with a tight itinerary, the theater offers day tours.Recent visitors reported being taken by the magnificent architecture in La Fenice, noting that the complimentary audio guide provided with the tour was interesting and informative. Some stressed that future travelers should make sure to see the theater from all angles (on the ground and atop the boxes) during their visit. Those who attended a show were not disappointed either, with a few theatergoers saying it was some of the best opera they had ever seen. Hours are 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. Prices for tours are 10 euros for adults (about $12) and 7 euros (about $8.40) for students 26 and younger.

  在凤凰剧院是意大利最受欢迎的歌剧院之一和一个几乎没有从一个面对它的死亡,但其整个生命周期的过程中两个大的火灾。当地人和游客都开玩笑说,这个名字(这意味着凤凰剧院)以及它如何与剧院的不幸历史相吻合:就像一个从灰烬中升起的凤凰,凤凰剧院一直生活着。尽管重新用上了旧世界,但它仍旧拥有颓废的,精心设计的金色内饰,配有豪华的红色天鹅绒椅子,使其成为欣赏经典意大利歌剧听觉/视觉乐趣的完美场所 。除了以上以外,还有各种各样的舞蹈,特别是芭蕾舞,以及全年的音乐表演。对于行程紧凑的旅客,剧院提供一日游。最近的游客报告被凤凰城壮丽的建筑所采用,并指出提供的免费音频指南是有趣和信息。有些人强调,未来的旅行者应该确保在参观期间从各个角度(在地面上和箱子上)看戏。那些参加演出的人也没有失望,有几个去剧院的人说这是他们见过的最好的歌剧。时间是每天上午9点半到下午6点。旅游价格为成人(约12美元)10欧元,26岁以下的学生7欧5.元(约合8.40美元)。


  关键信息:成人11欧元(约合13.20美元),6-18岁儿童7欧元(8.40美元), 5岁以下的孩子免费。工作时间因季节而异。

  This particular bell tower was constructed in the early 20th century, as a replica of the 15th-century original. The former one provided a stage for Galileo Galilei's presentation of the telescope; it also served as a stage for tight rope walkers who would humor the doge with their feats during the flight of the Angel celebration. Today's campanile is used for sightseers desiring a Venetian panorama — though one without canals; oddly, the canals are obscured from so high up. Going to the top of the tower costs 11 euros (about $13.20) for adults and and7 euros (about $8.40) for students 26 and younger. The tower is accessible by elevator and stairs. Most visitors say the attraction is well worth your time and makes for a great photo. To avoid crowds, travelers say it's best to go early in the morning or later in the evening. Hours vary by season.

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