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2018-02-27 16:02


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  Good evening,ladies and gentlemen:

  Today,my topic is about expressing the appreciation to our mothers.

  A few days ago,I have read a news about a mother who walked 18 days back home after a visit to her son who works in the city.the mother did this just because she wanted to save 100 yuan for him during the jurney,she had to beg for meals and ask people to take her in in the night.sometimes,unfortunately,she got nothing and had to sleep in caves with starvation 18 days later,when the police found her,she was exhausted and weak.the mother is already 52 years old,what`s her motivation for doing this? I think everybody knows the answer,yes,it`s the selfless love for her son.

  We always say that mother love is the greatest love in the world,as we are growing,we enjoy the delicious food she cooked,we enjoy the clean clothes she washed,we get used to the privilege she gave us. then,gradually,we just take it for granted and begin to find her nagging we tend to pay less attention to her and sometimes even ignore her ladies and gentlemen,can you remember what did you do to show your mother your love on her birthdays?I am pretty sure that the younger you were,the more attention you would pay even though, your mother still love you the same.

  On mother`s day,I received a message from one of my best friends,she said:I am appreciated to your mother for giving birth to you 20 years ago,because it gave me the chance to become your friend.I was moved by these words and can`t help thinking: what a mother is?she is the one who will walk for 18 days just to save 100 yuan for you she is the one who will keep loving you and expect no return she is the one who has already sacrificed a lot for you and is ready to sacrifice more why? because she got the name mother immediately after you were born.

  So,ladies and gentlemen,please be greatful to our mothers, and please cherish the miracle our mothers have made since the day we came to this world.

  Thank you very much !


  The birds are feeding situation, sheep milk are kneeling grace. We, human, as masters of the universe, also there is gratitude, gratitude. Thanksgiving is the source of power, love of the root, the courage of the. Let us learn to Thanksgiving, harvested in different life.

  First of all, we should be grateful for our parents. Because the love of parents, we came to this world. We live to love, love is to carry out, let the world be full of love, let the world is full of gratitude. Our parents, not only because they brought us to this world, but because they are selfless love, has raised us up, the education of our life, our responsibility, share the burden, happy with our happiness. Parents, is our life will always be the one, even if we always with gratitude.

  Then, we want to live a life of gratitude. Because of life, let us grow. In this process, we may experience more failure, but because of a failure again and again, so that we will become more splendid success, so we should appreciate, thank you for these teaches us how to have better life failed, thanks to these make our life more brilliant success. Thanks to life, let us experience again the story fresh, let us experience more rich. Thanks to life, let us know.

  Thanksgiving is valuable. Because Thanksgiving, we grow up happily. Then, we want to thank friends. What is a friend? Friend is who grows with us, is the most loving thing and the people you share. Friends are those in your fly high very fast when, not screaming for you, not about how you badly, but to worry you won't fall down, then you do to prepare the people. Because of this friend, we can only be reckless to break through, to fight, as we know, our friends will be behind the strong fortress. Therefore, we should be friends. To friends, and friends happy growth.

  Furthermore, to thank those who have let you grow, make you strong, you once they snub sb. Because of them, only let you have after unwilling person idea. They will think of you for a scathing attack, is the so-called criticism will have progress. Therefore, we often criticized in the growth, make progress, be happy. Indifference of the people, thank you ever look down on me, so I do not bow, live more wonderful.

  Finally, we want to thank your. Only you really know what they want, can do what, has been holding on to something. May be many people misunderstood, misunderstood. At that time, only their most wronged, and only know best. Therefore, their Thanksgiving, thank your patience, insist, your success.

  In the growth of the road, let us have a thankful heart, happy Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving society, the world to live a life of gratitude, thank you my he! Thank you.


  Our each children all have own parents, we live every day in the seawhich the parents shows loving concern. Parents' love, likes a mountain, GREat and is generous; Parents' love, likes that tree root, firm and is deep; Parents' love, likes the honey which that hundred flowers breeds, but is happy.

  Thanks you, is you gets us to arrive this full of vitality world.

  Thanks you, all follows in each minute each second side us, to our careful protecting with attendance.

  Thanks you, my dear daddy, in the busy work, you would to squeeze out the time to accompany us, lets us feel the father loves existence.

  Thanks you, my dear mother, you likely are our route indicator, all the time directs the path for us.

  When I meet is difficult, your always first time catches up with, extricates the difficulty for me. When I handle the wrong matter time, you would to me to explain slowly ......Looks you that exhausted facial features, I am unable to restrain somewhat sadly ......

  Thanks you to scatter the cheers and the joke in ours childhood, all considers every time for us.

  When I obtain teacher's praise, you split open the such bright smiling face. Not long after starts sensible us, had known parents' pressure, knew we should do any, but should not do any, we must let the parents feel relieved, do not have again to let them worry again.

  We likely are one all do not have the water bucket, is you works hard, rushes about, but accumulates water one drop of one drop, but packs ......

  You on likely space sun and moon, but we are a commonplace star, must pass through disciplines with diligently, only then can obtain the sweet fruit, only then can fall from the space has an achievement.

  Too many too many thanks, said also could not say, you forever on all my guide, forever always care about, the loving care in mine side to me.

  The world has many parents all is so, they continuously to usAll is contributes silently, lets us say with one voice that,Thanks your continuously attendance, you forever all are our root and the prop!”Parents' love, let me sensibly many, mature many. We meet the jail to keep firmly in mind the bottom, biggest repays them diligently by us.

  Who says the blade of grass heart, the newspaper three parental affections!

  In here, I must ordinary and the GREat parents deep bow deeply for all children to us one gong! Let us simultaneously say together that,Thanks the daddy, thanks mother, thanks you! Thanks you!






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