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  Apparel Design prepares students to meet the highest requirements of the fashion industry and articulate their own unique vision through the clothing they design and make. Emphasizing conceptual rigor matched by strong artistic and technical skills, the program guides majors through each stage of the apparel design process—from concept sketches to beautifully executed wearables.Apparel Design majors explore a range of materials and learn pattern drafting, draping and construction, while becoming adept at using high-end industry software to design and render clothing. Practical skill-building is supported by the examination of historical and cultural context, with grounding in the workings of the fashion industry.>>>点击查看 各专业录取分数线汇总【完整版】


  服装设计校友以任何最适合他们的方式成为创意专业人士的标志。一些公司推出自己的产品线并寻找市场定位,另一些公司则担任零售业领袖的设计师,如Calvin Klein,Gap,Urban Outfitters等。也有很多毕业后的校友追求个人兴趣,开始了服装设计、针织品、帽子设计、鞋子设计、定制剪裁,材料研究和更多的相关活动。



  Placing high value on the importance of creative individuality, Apparel Design professors assign a broad range of studio projects aimed at helping students to develop distinctive voices as creative professionals. Visits to New York's fashion district, along with required internships and competition opportunities, allow for important exposure to the industry.


  The program equips students with the key technical, artistic and social attributes to contribute to and positively impact creative industries. Graduates are prepared to:exhibit the key features of design thinking, including a strong working knowledge of the various modes of researching and concept building, superior design sketching, presentation and portfolio-building skills

  utilize design technologies and demonstrate proficiency in digital pattern cutting, grading and CAD to a level required by Industry

  apply design knowledge of sourcing, material analysis, tailoring and machine knitting to initiate and develop the concept of a fashion collection

  demonstrate design practice to Industry standards through skills in pattern cutting, flat pattern and 3D draping, garment construction and fitting

  utilize a design approach to master effective communication and presentation methodologies, strategic planning and organizational skills










  Apparel Design majors work in well-equipped studios on a single floor of the same building. The open studio environment, coupled with ongoing feedback from faculty mentors and a ready exchange of ideas with peers, fosters a collaborative and supportive environment for honing personal expression through the creation of one-of-a-kind works of wearable art.As a close-knit group of approximately 65 undergraduates, Apparel majors benefit from regular interaction with alumni and other visiting critics and design professionals. Each spring senior thesis collections are presented to the public in a professional runway show. For students this annual event is preceded by months of conceptual development, experimentation, meticulous assembly and precise fittings. The work shown in each year's Collection show is juried by a panel of guest critics – professional designers who carefully review and discuss the work together, to give students critical feedback and relevant industry perspectives.



  1.关于通用申请软件的说明Common Application

  You’ll begin and manage your RISD application process by completing the Common Application. There is a non-refundable application fee of $60 to use this service; eligible students may apply for a fee waiver.


  2.成绩报告单Academic transcripts

  Applicants must provide official transcripts of all secondary academic work through the most recent grading period. Your counselor may submit your transcript through the Common Application, Parchment, email or mail. If your academic credentials are not written in English, they must be translated into English by an approved translator prior to submission.



  SAT or ACTAll applicants are required to submit the results of the SAT or the ACT (American College Testing program). RISD will superscore your results. Subject tests are not required.

  RISD’s institution code number for the SAT is 3726; for ACT the code number is 003812.



  TOEFL or IELTSAll applicants who speak English as a second language, including US citizens, must submit results from either TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Since proficiency in English is a prerequisite for acceptance, applicants must attain an acceptable score on either test; RISD requires a minimum result of 93 on the TOEFL or 6.5 on IELTS. Plan to take the TOEFL or IELTS well in advance of the application deadline since it may take six weeks for your scores to be sent to RISD.

  RISD’s institution code number is 3726.

  所有以英语作为第二语言的申请人,包括美国公民,都必须提交托福(英语作为外语考试)或雅思(国际英语语言测试系统)的结果。由于熟练使用英语是我们录取的先决条件,申请人必须在任一测试中获得我们认可的分数; 罗德岛设计学院要求您的托福成绩最低93分,雅思6.5分。您为了确保我们在申请截止日期之前能够收到您的申请,您应该提前准备或雅思考试,因为您的分数可能需要六周的时间才能发送到罗德岛设计学院。



  Your portfolio should show a selection of 12–20 examples of your best recent artwork. We suggest that the work reflect the full range of your ideas, interests, experience and abilities in the arts to date. Work presented can be in any medium (including film or video), in finished or sketch form, and the result of an assigned project or a self-directed exploration. We strongly recommend that you include a few pages from your journal or sketchbook to indicate your process of research, thinking and investigation.

  Do not submit a multi-page PDF with individual and unrelated works on each page since this is likely to exceed the limit of 20 examples we’ve requested. The only exception to this is a portfolio piece like a graphic novel where multiple pages are part of a single, cohesive work.

  Upload your portfolio to Slideroom through the Common Application.



  Choose one of the following three prompt options and create two responses using any medium you prefer (no restrictions).

  We consider this assignment to be as much about process as presentation and encourage you to consider your submissions as exercises in experimental thinking and risk-taking more than as final presentations or examples of technical proficiency. No particular outcome is valued more than another, so feel free to explore the full range of possible expression in these works.

  Each of these prompts has more than one meaning or usage and you might want to begin by referring to dictionary sources to expand your initial reaction about a direction.




  Please upload your responses in the specific section of SlideRoom dedicated to these works. (Do not include them in the Portfolio area of SlideRoom.)

  If the file size of either of your responses exceeds 10 MB, please embed a link to direct us to another viewing platform such as a personal website, Vimeo, etc.

  In the SlideRoom submission section for your two works, we also ask you to reflect on the two responses that you are sharing and provide a brief response to this question: What are the other directions or ideas you would explore as a next step?







  请在SlideRoom的特定部分上传您的回应,专门用于提交这些作品。(不要将它们上传到SlideRoom的作品集区域中。)如果您的任何一个回复的文件大小超过10 MB,请嵌入一个链接将我们引导至另一个观看平台,例如个人网站,Vimeo等。在您的两个作品的SlideRoom提交部分,我们还要求您反思您分享的两个回复,并对此问题提供一个简短回应:您将在下一步中探索哪些其他指导或想法?

  5.写作样本The Assignment

  Submit one example of your writing, up to 650 words. Remember, this is the limit, not a goal. Use the full limit if you need it, but don’t feel obligated to do so.You will find the writing prompts in the Personal Essay section of the Common Application.While we encourage you to adhere to the rules of good writing, we look for applicants who are not afraid to take risks in their expression. Please don't hesitate to use a writing style or method that may be outside the mainstream as you express a distinctive personal position in the samples you submit.


  6.推荐信Letter(s) of recommendation

  Although not required, these letters can be very helpful to your application. One letter is suggested, although as many as three may be submitted. Recommendation letters should be written by teachers or other professionals who have firsthand knowledge of your art or academic achievements and can comment on your potential as a student.Please use the Common Application to invite your recommendation writers to submit letters through that service. Letters may also be sent directly to our mailing address (see below) or emailed to admissions@risd.edu.






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