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  Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should

  1) describe the drawing briefly,

  2) explain its intended meaning, and

  3) give your comments.

  You should write neatly on ANSWER SHEET. (20 points)



  Have you ever thought of the importance of food security? If so, you may understand what the picture aims to convey. Holding a magnifier, the man is trying to detect the quality of the food in the bowl, in which there are a variety of daily consumptions, such as milk, eggs, fish, vegetables, etc. The cartoon, simple and conspicuous as it is, sets us into considering and pondering its far-reaching connotation behind.

  When it comes to this topic, an overwhelming majority of common folks harbor the perspective that it is imperative for the society to ensure food security. Yet is it necessary and reasonable to cling to this traditional view? The answer is positive. Cases to this viewpoint are abundant and within easy reach, but the following examples will suffice. We are living in a society where many businessmen only care about making money at the cost of the health of the public: many restaurants using illegal cooking oil to cook dishes; some irresponsible people always providing cold or the expired take-outs to consumers; also, some agricultural products being over-polluted. Evidently, taking measures to tackle the current situation is urgent.

  Nevertheless, what can we do to solve the problems? Some people tend to believe that relevant governments should establish and enforce more stringent laws to regulate the food market; others, however, cling to the perspective that the general public should strengthen the awareness of food security. I am fully convinced that the combination of the above two methods will eventually diminish the negative effects exposed in the news recently.



  1. food safety食品安全

  2. woe哀悼;悲痛

  3. expose 揭露,曝光

  4. scandal丑闻

  5. taint染

  6. contaminate污染

  7. the long list of … 众多的……

  8. food safety incident食品安全事件

  9. domestic consumer国内消费者

  10. international consumer全球消费者

  11. ingredient原料

  12. supermarket shelves超市货架

  13. melamine-tainted milk三聚氰胺牛奶

  14. gutter oil地沟油

  15. contaminated strawberries 受污染的草莓

  16. part and parcel 重要组成部分

  17. transition toward … 朝……转化

  18. consumer-oriented economy消费驱动型经济

  19. imperative必要的;命令的

  20. GDP growth GDP增长

  21. rate速度;比率

  22. boost激发;促进

  23. consumer confidence消费者信心

  24. puzzle拼图;困惑;迷


  1. 正如谚语所说的,病从口入,因此食品安全应该引起人们足够的重视。

  As the saying goes, illness often finds its way in by the mouth, so people should place enough attention on food security.

  2. 食品安全问题不仅影响人们的健康,也严重打击了他们对日常生活用品消费的信心。

  Food security problems do not only influence people’s health, but also destroy their confidence on consumption of necessities.

  3. 如今,人们越来越关注饮食,担心他们可能受到有毒化学物的毒害。

  Today citizens are becoming more and more cautious in eating and drinking for fear that they might be poisoned by toxic chemicals.

  4. 要消除不健康食品,政府必须制定专门的法律法规,目的是用更严重的罚款和更严厉的措施来惩罚那些涉及其中的人。

  To eliminate unsafe food products, the government must work out specific laws and regulations to punish those involved with more serious fines and tougher measures.

  5.市场上一些不健康的婴儿食品使人们陷入了恐慌:孩子们是否从一开始就埋下了病根。 Some unhealthy baby food on the market brings people into panic: if the little kids have got some diseases from the very beginning.

  6. 解决人们对食品安全的顾虑是实现中国向消费驱动型经济(模式)转型的重要一环,在中国的GDP增速正从历史高点回落之时,这一点更为重要。

  Addressing food safety concerns can be seen part and parcel of China's needed transition toward a consumer-oriented economy, which is even more imperative now that the country's GDP growth is slowing from historic rates.

  7. 增强消费者信心对中国面对的迷局而言是至关重要的一个组成部分,引申开来,也是影响世界经济稳定的重要因素。

  Boosting consumer confidence is an essential piece of that puzzle for China—and by extension, a factor for global economic stability.

  8. 根据皮尤全球态度(Pew Global Attitudes Survey)的一项调查显示,71%的中国人将食品安全视为2015年的重大问题之一。

  According to a Pew Global Attitudes survey, 71 percent of Chinese people considered food safety to be a big problem in 2015.




  Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should

  1) describe the drawing briefly,

  2) explain its intended meaning, and

  3) give your comments.

  You should write neatly on ANSWER SHEET. (20 points)



  Depicted in this vivid cartoon is such an alarming scene: the exhausted earth is staggering under the weight of a huge package on which there are five patches—deforestation, environmental pollution, population explosion, shortage of water and over-exploitation. Simple as this drawing may seem, the symbolic meaning conveyed is profound and thought-provoking.

  Undoubtedly, the cartoonist is reminding us that utmost importance should be attached to the ecological crisis of the earth. The past decades has witnessed a remarkable development in economy. However, it is at the cost of squandering natural resources and damaging ecological system, which in turn will impose an overwhelming threat on human being’s lives. From my perspective, the absence of consciousness of the devastating results of these problems mentioned above can be cited as a major reason accounting for this phenomenon.

  We are supposed to put an end to these undesirable problems, but how? Apart from establishing and carrying out corresponding laws and regulations and effective supervision from the mass media, the awareness of the public should be cultivated and enhanced that the destruction of the earth means the perishing of themselves. With all the measures reinforcing each other, we can definitely crack this hard nut.



  1. 环境保护 environmental protection

  2. 生态平衡 ecological balance

  3. 生态系统 ecosystem

  4. 可持续发展 sustainable development

  5. 环境恶化 environmental deterioration

  6. 乱砍滥伐 deforestation

  7. 过度开采自然资源 over-exploitation of natural resources

  8. 水资源短缺 shortage of water

  9. 环境污染 environmental pollution

  10. 人口过度增长 population overgrowth


  1. 我们必须重视保护自然资源。

  Particular emphasis should be laid on the preservation of natural resources.

  2. 必须制定一系列的环境保护条例。

  A series of environment protection rules and regulations should be laid down.

  3. 有关部门需要制定更多的法规,并将其贯彻实施,以惩罚破坏环境的行为。另外,人们应该共同努力,来创建一个可持续的环境。

  More regulations should be made and carried out by authorities concerned to punish environmental damage. In addition, individuals must work in joint efforts to create sustainable surroundings.

  4. 人类必须认识到自己是自然的一部分,自然的毁灭意味着人类自身的灭亡。

  Human beings must realize that they are an integral part of nature, the destruction of which means the perishing of themselves.





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