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  英文版:I thought much before I began to write the PS. However, holding the pen, I suddenly felt wordless because I have too much to say, too much to write. Standing on the crossroad of life, I determined to study abroad without any hesitations.

  It was not the desire for the life overseas, but the pursuit of my professional study that aroused my idea to study abroad. I was longing for the further study and embedded understanding of the essence of Information Science, tasting its charm. Pocketing this interest, I came into the department of Beijing Forestry University. Through several years’ study there, I gradually realized that the modern information society needed not only the professional talents in information science, but also the embedded researches in this field in order to use it into every enterprise. Meanwhile, it is certain that the information science is just the developing trend in the future, which could historically change the ever familiar life style. Therefore, in the process of learning, I can taste its interest and challenge, with which I can keep abreast with the latest technology. Furthermore, I think it was valuable for me to contribute my youth into the Information Science, the most prospective enterprise in the future.

  My ordinary score on my school report will tell you that I am not good at examinations. Those so-called “examination skills” are also strange to me. Instead, I emphasize the practical operations and the real needs of the society, expecting to learn the knowledge and technology that stands at the top of the period. Therefore, I got the latest knowledge mainly by reading large amount of English books and browsing the websites. Besides, I participated in many practical activities, in which I could use what I have learnt into practice.

  In my sophomore year, just as other schoolmates were submerging themselves into the fairy world of PC games, I began my part time working experience by working as a technician on the website of a small company. Just at that exciting time, I found that it was very difficult to use the theories I learnt on class into the practical work. Trapped in the gap between the school and society, I collected and summarized much practical professional files from a series of websites and learnt the HTML language and the CSS design by myself. From the first attempt in the society, I realized that I got much from difficulties rather than smooth work. On designing the information part of the website, I could not find the perfect combination between the files. However, as a hard-nosed boy, I was not defeated by the difficulties, but very excited towards them. By classifying and summarizing the files I found on the websites, I finally solved the problem.

  Taking advantage of my insistent efforts, I was finally kissed by an opportunity to participate in a developing project, in which I worked as a core assistant of my teacher to develop the Iptables module under Linux. From a theoretical point of view, the development of the module could be included in the basic theories of the operating system. However, it was another challenge for me because I was not familiar with the programming of system module. Finally, I found the related knowledge on a book named “Module Programming”. Thanks to my repeated attempts, times of failures, at last, presented me with the final success. Through this practice, I believe firmly that failure is the access to the success.

  I had a dream when I was just a kid----becoming a member in Chinese Academy of Science, the pioneer of the science and technology in China. My senior year witnessed me to achieve my dream. Under the recommendation of my teacher, I got the opportunity to work with the professors in automation department of CAS on developing the interface based on the biometric authentication technology. Two weeks was a short time, but a harvest time for me. Through the exchange with the experts and professors and looking up large amount of books and related literatures in the library, my understanding on all the specifies BIOAPI interface, the design of the 类 and data structure and the biometric interfaces had largely deepened. Seeing the final success, the sweetest smile in the world blossomed on my face.

  My assiduity in study and careful working attitude won the appreciation of the professors in CAS. Therefore, at the last period of my undergraduate study, I was recommended by them to complete my graduation design by participating in a graduate subject of Chinese Blog Search Engine.

  As the assistant, I completed the access and storage of the Blog data by using C language and Perl database. With the help of my studying fellows, I finally designed a frame of the Blog Search Engine and learn many new technologies.

  After graduation, I accepted the offer of working on Sina website, where I was mainly responsible for the batch installation of operating system, tailor of the software package, the safety configuration, the smooth running of the equipments on line, the test and recovery of various hardware failures. Meanwhile, I was in charge of the immediate response and disposal of the accidents and the exact maintenance of thousands of servers in the whole company.

  As a system engineer in Sina website, there are a lot of things to do in the application process, operating system and network as well as in the hardware. We generally solve the problems by our own practical experience combining with the related professional literatures and the knowledge we have learnt.

  Years of working experience made me realized clearly that it has still a long way to go to achieve my dream---becoming an expert in this field. I have to step out of the “flowers” coating me now for my achievements to the further study for the next station on the way of life. Therefore, I need a nutritious academic atmosphere.

  It was my curiosity that pushed me onto the road of learning new technologies and it was my strong learning ability and capability that presented me with the current achievement. I believe that standing at the cross road of life after a few years further study, I will be more confident and stronger expectative for my future.


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