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2018-02-24 14:06


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  I always all devout believe - life is a racle. With your hand on your chest, that tiny vibration is the syol of life. Whether it is a rough sea, or grasslands leaping antelope, children learning to walk in the road, they have one llion jins lli pulse.

  Life, is a sole and an eternal the. So say every loss of life, it is for the living, even if this revelation is short, even only for an instant, it is worth to cherish to face. We take a sincere attitude of life to life, think about the future. To love life, cherish life.

  Hawking is a British scientist, in their 20 s when he was sitting in a wheelchair forever, the doctor said that he had not for three years, but his azing perseverance, indotable spirit he live now, with three fingers can only activities was de great contributions to science. Helen is we are all faliar, by a quirk of fate, she lost the light, but the heart is not dark, because she know the beauty of everything in the world, has not given up hope of life, eventually be a great writer. They arepletely done "born as a VIP, dead also is a soldier." Even those with only the ierfect life are so cherish life and what we have reason to give up this precious life? Even those with only the ierfect life are so cherish life, we have what reason to give up this precious life? But let us fall into the following exale of ditation. In riverside ddle school of the students, due to the narrow feet pants was sent off, and ehatically to lay down their lives, and even end their lives, and this is ignorance, he gave up his life, he never wizard that put up to feed his parents? There are those who loved hiand were placed in what position? Maybe he never thought of these people, so he de a regret less.

  Life is a gift of nature, nature is the st brilliant sterpiece between heaven and earth. Of course, life is fragile, do not take care to cocktail party six. So, to those who love you, because of the unknown future, would you please strong.

  Life is a racle, isn't it?


  My dear Teachers,fellow students and friends: Good afternoon.

  As we all know, the earth is a planet almost covered by water,and it is water made every thing on the earth lively.Water is also one of the important part of our environment.Though,is there really so much water for us to clean,to produce many things,to play with? how much water are there on the earth then?

  Most of the water is in the oceans or locked away as ice.The largest volumes of fresh water are stored underground as groundwater,imagine there is only one barrel of water in the world,then there is only a spoon of it on the land,and the water we can use is only a drop of it.Now I have to remind all of you here that the single drop of water is never as Clean as before,it has been polluted severely by our human beings.

  There is a very beautiful river in Paris.It is the Seine,it runs across the City,people drink coffee, chat on the bank in the day,at night,they enjoy the beautiful scenery in the boat,songs from the river fly into the Sky made the river more attractive, the Seine is a famous symbol of France;on the west coast of pacific ocean there lies the modern City Shanghai,anot ther river which used to be a very important transportation route runs through the center of the city,people respected and regard it as"mother".It is the"suzhou river,but l believe that few of you would sit beside it,people will be scattered by the terrible smell of water when walk by.I have to say it is extremely dirty! And we all know that a lot of beautiful rivers in the world also are Sharing the same fate with suzhou river. Who is the devil? I can't help asking.

  Many human activities and their by-products have the potential to pollute water. Please have a look along the banks of the river, large and small industrial enterprises discharge dirty

  water, tons of garbage were thrown into the river, the water contained so much that it can't clean itself. Compared with the dramatic development in many sides of Shanghai, the suzhou river has become a black point of the appearance of city.

  Fortunately, the government has control the situation now, we are happy to see some parts of the river has become clean again, and we even can find fish sometime.

  The unique earth is the only planet full of lives, the water is just like the blood in the active body, protecting water is saving ourselves. Not to waste a single drop of water, otherwise, the only drop of water we could keep in the future would be our tear!

  My dear friends, mankind still faces a great difficulty in solving the problems of the environment and development, and there is a grand task to perform and along way to go. The middle school students in China will always cooperate with the young people of the world to protect the environment.

  The future is ours to build!

  Thanks for listening.


  Dear teacher, the classmate:

  Good morning! The title of my speech today is "cherish life".

  World all things, only the life the most precious, no life, no everything, lost their lives and lose self, lost the right to life. A seed, an ant, are associated with a small life, in the Chinese five thousand years civilization history, is a human with a love life of perseverance, created a civilization of the river of life. Ears deaf but to create the world famous of Beethoven, suffered castration, the warriors of the wheelchair hawking angry as a book of sima qian... Are telling us that the true meaning of life, what is the power to let them become great? What is the strength to let them an unyielding? Oh, is a life, is that the power of fire, life make unfair fate for them.

  "Heaven and earth goes to all things to live." For a holocaust, honesty is memorial, how many creatures killed 5 • 12 earthquake? Tears from the land, and became sad, the pain of home countries. When tens of thousands of lives lost detour and survived, also bring us all into the sadness and pain. The silence from under the ruins of the life forever, low enough to make us first. But those in the disaster comes, strong defending their warriors don't let a person more reverence of life with others? More save and

  Kneel to cry "to save a" fire fighter JingLiJie, saved more than 10 students themselves trapped under the rubble 50 hours lost his right leg 13-year-old girl He Cuiqing, body is smashed into three sections and the hands will still three students hug tightly in the bosom of the people's teacher to qian...

  Life is just a process, or even a transient process, and even a brief like sky in blanking of a meteor, then we should not let life shine more light? Montaigne in his "love life" wrote: "I want to hurry up quickly, to retain the fleeting days; I think by the efficient use of time to make up for the passage of time is in a hurry. The rest of the life is short, the more I want to make it have a plentiful full." Plug Seneca once said: "if you can good at using, life is long."

  Yes, life to man only once, when and where the why the end of life, who also cannot predict. But the great man who left behind a monument, philosopher, leaving behind the great deep thoughts, the poet left behind breathtaking emotion, painter magnificent precious inheritance left behind...

  Now that we are a member of the sentient beings, came to this world, should let oneself all thoughts, feelings, character in the ways of life in full bloom in March picturesque fields, in the lonely life on the road, with songs to sing a warm and fulfilling life. So, is good to life, not a time of life.






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